Steve Ritchie’s Success Story

Steve Ritchie has been working for some time for Papa John’s pizza company. He was recently promoted to be the company’s, Chief Executive Officer. Papa Johns got its popularity because of the excellent services it offers to the customers. It also ensures to produce nothing but the best quality pizzas and also ensures to take care of the customers’ needs by working with their feedback to improve their products. It has recently been ranked as the biggest pizza delivery company in the world. Steve Ritchie has always loved pizza since he was young.

He came to know about Papa John’s when he first bought his first pizza at the age of 18 while he was schooling at Seneca High School. He was in his senior year at that time. He fell in love with Papa John’s pizza. This made him set his mind to work at Papa John and it was because of this that he skipped college to get employed at the company. Lucky for him, he was employed as an hourly worker. He worked at the store of the company and his work was to take phone orders. His passion for his job made him put a lot of effort and dedication in his work and later on he got promoted to the managerial position.

Steve Ritchie (@stevemritchie) did not stop working hard but instead worked hard and ensured he became successful in every task he was given to handle. It was because of this that he landed himself in other senior positions. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns became the multi-unit supervisor, director of global operations, president and chief officer and now his current position as the chief executive officer of Papa John’s pizza company. His hard work and dedication in his job are because of his love for pizza. In a statement that he made, he stated that he simply fell in loved with the brand. He loved the way Papa John’s makes their pizzas and makes them different from other pizza companies. From when he took over the CEO office, Steve Ritchie has made sure to do his best in steering the company to greater heights.

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