The New Design of Sunday Riley’s Reformulated Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser

Sunday Riley is a brand of skincare that is deeply admired by many in the fashion and beauty world. Sunday Riley’s latest product getting an update is their Ceramic Slip Clay facial cleanser. The Sunday Riley team redesigned and reformulated the cleanser. The cleanser is now made up of three different clay types.

The types of clay inside the beauty product are bentonite, white kaolin, and French green. The facial cleanser also contains the extracts olive oil and neroli. The formula is now of a light gel quality and no longer a cream formula with a heavy aroma. The formula is made to clean out the pores and it is made to gently hydrate the skin along the way.

Along with the new formula, the product’s bottle was redesigned. The former package was a tan bottle with a pump dispenser. The Sunday Riley team changed up the bottle with a new bright blue design and a cap lid. Without the pump dispenser part of the bottle, the product is now $10 less than what it used to cost. The Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay facial cleanser used to cost $45 and now it costs $35.

Reviewers trying out the new formulation and newly designed product bottle have been amazed by the new formula. One of the most liked aspects about the new formula is that despite it being a clay product, the formula is still really light and is gentle on sensitive skin. Clay products tend to leave skin red for a few hours once they cleanse out the pores. This new formula does not leave skin red or slightly pink. The new package is also a more easy product to take along with you to the gym or for traveling. The lack of the pump dispenser and the newly designed capped lid allows for the product to more easily be transported around. The bottle is also well-liked by reviewers for its appealingly colored light blue bottle.

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