Betsy DeVos And The Government’s Use Of Neutral Funds For Educations

Betsy DeVos looks back through the decades to pinpoint a time when she was convinced that school choice was the way forward for America. She and her husband, both wealthy philanthropists from Michigan, visited the Potter’s House Christian School in their home state. The school was serving low-income families from the poorer, urban areas of the state. It was then that she knew that this would serve the rest of the country well.


She then began her career in local politics. She gained a reputation for being incredibly strong and intimidating. Betsy DeVos helped Michigan pass its first tax credit and voucher law back in 1993, and the current Secretary of Education even tried to change the state constitution to allow for tax credits and vouchers in education.


These tax credits and vouchers are designed to allow families to choose their child’s educational path. Federal, state and local governments would issue these tax credits and vouchers to each family to allow them to apply the monies to the schools of their choice. This would allow American families to give government money to religious schools. And that’s what opponents of Betsy DeVos are attacking.


They say that it violates the separation of church and state, but Betsy DeVos believes the money is being used neutrally. She says that the money is given to the families and that they decide what happens to it. The government does not decide.


So far, she’s been moderately successful as the representative of education in the Trump Administration. Over 40,000 new students have been able to access the tax credit and voucher system over the last year. The programs have extended to hundreds of thousands of students in 17 states. And she continues to promote her ideas by visiting charter schools all over the country including Pit Bull’s in Miami.


It is difficult to see how she has become so successful. She has been near clueless in regards to the media during her short time in the administration. But that all seems to be by design as she promotes her agenda while flying under the radar. After all, she has a reputation for being a strong politician on the local level. It can only be concluded that she wants to stay out of the limelight while the Trump Administration is embroiled in controversy so that she can promote her tax credit and voucher agenda without media interference.


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