Jacob Gottlieb Is A Former Doctor Turned Hedge Fund Manager

Jacob Gottlieb is a many of many talents, proving himself in more than just one career in the many years he has been in business. When Jacob was a young boy, he was focused on finances and business, just like his father was as an economics professor. That being said, Jacob decided to become a doctor like his mother, Helen. The main reason for this is because doctors were able to help people and make a good living. Before Jacob could finish his internship, however, he decided to give business a try and went back to school for a degree in economics from Brown University.

It turns out Jacob was making the right move because he did exceptionally well in business and all the companies he worked at over the years. Today, Jacob is the co-founder of Visium, which is a financial management hedge company. They manage billions of dollars worth of assets from all over the world, largely thanks to the efforts of Jacob Gottlieb. His financial analysis skills are top notch and he has managed to bring the company billions of dollars in capital over the past decade. Jacob has said he will always cherish his time as a doctor helping people with medicine, but he is able to help just as many people if not more as an investor.

The main reason for this is because Jacob has focused a good deal of his time working with charities over the years. He has donated his fair share to charitable organizations that are working towards good causes, including the Covenant House. This organization has been helping homeless children get off the streets of New York for many years and it continues to do so thanks to the financial support of people like Jacob Gottlieb.


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