William Saito And His Technology Venture

William Saito also called Nikkei is in the Japanese list of the most influential people. He started doing programming when he was in elementary school and later started his company while he was still in high school. In 1998, he was even named the entrepreneurial of the year. In the world, William Saito is recognized as the leader of authority on biometric authentication, encryption, and cybersecurity. In 2005, he moved to Tokyo after selling his business to Microsoft where he went to establish InTecur, a firm that identifies the innovative technologies, ventures capital, helps the entrepreneurs to become successful and also developing the global talents. He was even appointed as counsel on the national strategy & policy where he reported directly to Japanese Prime Minister in 2012 but from late 2011, William Saito was serving as the Chief Technology Officer at Fukushima Nuclear Accident which was an independent investigation commission. In World Economic forum, William Saito is a member and they named him as the Global Agenda Council and Young Global Leader.


He has also bee advising some several national governments in the world. For example, he was serving as METI, MEXT, MIC, and MLIT advisor in Japan and many more. William Saito has been teaching in many Universities, appears as TV commentator, sits as the board member in different companies and he is also an author.


It was in an interview when he had to answer different questions. He was asked about how his typical day looks like and he ensures at the end is productive. William Saito said that his typical day involves him working with other people so that he could determine the essence of a problem and then find an innovative and elegant solution which will be of benefit to people living in the real world. When he was to talk about how he brings his new ideas to life, he uses ” design thinking.” Design thinking talks of it as his methodology. When you fail early, fail fast, fail often and the most important is when you fall forward so that to bring the ideas to reality.


The current trend that is exciting to him is artificial intelligence. This is where he believes that the world is living in its greatest time for IT. Everything excites him like cybersecurity, robotics, cloud, machine learning an mobility. The fusion o technology is changing the world and no longer fantastic anymore. In innovation, you have to understand the fundamental which is the “failure.”


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