PSI-Pay Your Number One Financial Institution

Technological advancements over the past two decades, which has been fueled by the popularity of the internet, have revolutionized how people pay for goods and services. In the past, the only options available for most consumers were paying via cheque, credit card or cash. In this modern age, we now have access to digital wallets, which hold our funds.




The main problem with these digital wallets is that most of them are not as well regulated as traditional banks. PSI Pay breaks from this mold since it is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. While you will not earn any interest from funds held in your PSI account, the low interest rates for traditional savings account make this an insignificant factor.




PSI Pay has partnered with MasterCard to ensure that you can make payments in more than 38 million retail outlets all over the world that support MasterCard payments. As a bonus, you can link your PSI Pay wallet with other money transfer platforms such as PayPal, and your bank’s checking account.




When you make payments from your PSI Pay account, you ensure that your credit/debit card details are not shared with the providers that you deal with. This protects you, and your funds from any unscrupulous vendors who may use your card’s details to defraud you. As with most digital wallets, PSI Pay also handles multiple currency accounts, which protect you from the volatility of the global exchange rates.




If you are a frequent traveler, or if you regularly purchase items from online retailers that don’t use your local currency, then digital wallets ensure that you don’t lose money through the high and unpredictable currency exchange rates.




The main selling point for digital wallets is the convenience that you get, especially when you are shopping. Instead of carrying cash and multiple payment cards, you can link them to one digital wallet, which you use to make payments while shopping. PSI Pay adds to this convenience through its partnership with Kerv, a manufacturer of wearable tech devices.




Kerv has manufactured a wearable ring that is linked to your PSI Pay account. This ensures that you can make payments to all retailers that support NFC (Near Field Communication) contactless payment.




Instead of using your smartphone to make payments, all you have to do is to place your ring in close proximity to the payment terminal and your transaction will be finalized. With its global reach and its innovative contactless payment ring, there are fewer better digital wallets than PSI Pay.

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