David McDonald Continues To Lead The OSI Industries Food Group

David McDonald, is acting COO and President, of the popular OSI Food Service Group. He has been committed to helping their team of executives attract the most customers to the food service industry. He has always worked with other members of their executive team. David McDonald has used his education and food service experience to lend over 25+ years of expertise to the OSI Industries Food Group. He has a significant role in their international food service growth initiative. McDonald told a recent online interviewer, his dedication is to the success of their growth and feeding their customers a completely affordable, safe and for delicious meal.

Recent News On The OSI President

McDonald has been a strong leader in securing a international partnership with other major food service industry professionals. David McDonald was able to secure a deal with one of the largest groups in the Dutch food industry. OSI Industries has successfully been able to acquire the popular OSI Industries Food Service network. Today, they run one of the largest food processing network facilities in the Dutch industry. They’ve also been able to secure a European deal with the popular EU Flagship food industry professionals.

Who Is The OSI Industry Food Group

Ironically, the popular OSI food service group is based in Aurora, Illinois and serves a diverse community of international customers. They have a strong presence in the food industry with over 50+ years in the food service business. OSI and David McDonald have contributed to the communities they serve by creating jobs and lending their time and resources. They continue to be one of the largest food service groups in North America. Visit the official OSI Food Industry website for more details on the professional background of David McDonald today. Trust your family’s diet to the OSI Industries Food Group.

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