Successful Business Man, Gregory Aziz

1Gregory Aziz is the Chief executive officer and President of National steel car, a multibillion rail road freight car engineering and manufacturing company. The firm which is located in Hamilton, Ontario has over 100 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing of quality freight cars to meet the ever evolving needs of the railroad industry. He took over the ownership in 1994 with a mission of restoring it to its former greatness. True to his mission the firm has grown along the years become the leading among its category.


Greg Aziz, the CEO believes that the main pillar of his company’s success has been the people with diversity and dynamic innovation urge together with a purposeful self-drive. He believes for a company to survive as long decades as the National steel car as, it’s important to keep challenging itself to even greater heights. The deep sense of purpose and provision of quality services and products is core to having a loyal customer base according to James Aziz. This has made them be the only North America Rail Car Company ISO 9001:2015 certified together with honorary awards consistently.


Gregory J Aziz explains that dwelling in past achievements is not as much beneficial as pursuing greater success levels and adhering to the urges of your customer base. Greg Aziz’s vast knowledge and ambition has led to the massive growth of the company, he has led them into beneficial collaboration with other multibillion companies that seek their service all this owed to the fact that they offer quality products and services hence the customers become loyal to them. For instance, Canpotex selected National Steel car to manufacture for them 700 Railcars for Potash shipments recently.


James Aziz was very proud of their 20 years collaboration with Canpotex since these shows that they have believed in them along all those years to manufacture quality products. Through these collaborations James Aziz has been able to employ even more worker hence helping grow the employment levels in the local province. Consistent contracts means consistent revenues to the firm hence he has been at the forefront of ensuring customers get the best quality each so as they can be motivated to be clients again and again. See Related Link for more information.

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