Founder of MT. Gox and co-founder of stellar, Jed McCaleb has a vision for the world. In his interview with NBC, he stated the vision. The concept is a single system payment method that will serve the world as a whole and one that will be powered by Blockchain.

Moreover, he envisioned a hybrid system that will incorporate the payment of fiat currencies that will be made able by and facilitated via the Blockchain.

There is a possibility that the blockchain technology of Stellar could ignite and hold a ‘Universal Payments Network that will be able to process both traditional assets by the year 2028. An instance is the stocks and shares and other forms of payments that will be available at the time.

The Stellar Lumens (XLM) is Stellar’s network’s token, and it has taken up the lightning network that will be vital in preventing future drawbacks. The action has brought the attention of the world and got press coverage.

McCaleb has a great resume that can help strengthen and spread believe in his vision for Stellar’s technology impacting international financial systems. He started MT. Gox Bitcoin exchange and the fact that he has led Stellar as its CEO gives credibility to his opinion and makes him the very instrumental person in the company.

He commented that currently, the system of finance does not tap the market about the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) phenomenon. Despite Autonomous Next crediting it for raising $9 billion in four years, ICOs have been a den to host fraudsters, raising funds and keeping the investors in the dark.

According to Finance Magnates, the fraudsters’ menace has caught the attention of regulators across the globe although token sales fans protest saying that there is a representation of a recent model of fundraising.

Apart from the two mentioned companies, Jed McCaleb has also founded Code Collective, Metal Machine and Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) has enlisted his advisory services.

MIRI exists to oversee the inventions of smarter-than-human intelligence and is not only a nonprofit organization but has also had a positive impact.

When cofounding Stellar Development foundation, he had a hope of economic involvement of every person on earth. He saw that there could be more commercial potential in the world that was being hindered by outdated infrastructure that exists in the financial systems.

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