William Saito; You Need to be Persistent and Committed to Succeed in Business

If you want to be successful in business, then perhaps you need to understand some basics like character and discipline. With that said most successful business professionals have succeeded in business because of their commitment as well. In this article, the primary focus is on William Saito, a Japanese-American who has often been defined as a successful tech-guru with a modest background. Also known for his contribution to the cyber-tech industry, Saito is one entrepreneur that every young professional should be eyeing.

Background Data

Growing up in CA, William Saito was brought up by loving parents. His father put in a lot of work to homeschool him. At the same time, he would follow up his son’s progress in school. That way, he was able to keep tabs with his performance. In one of those meetings where he was following up on Saito’s school work, he was instructed to get him a personal computer because that way, he would be able to improve his performance in mathematics as well as sciences. Although Saito was good with gadgets, he was relatively weak in languages. However, that did not stand in his way as he overcame his weaknesses and ventured into technology.

Joining the Tech World

At ten years, William Saito was deeply submerged in the world of technology. He would ask questions regarding how a particular gadget functions even if he was not interested in using it. At the same age, he started a small computer firm called I/O Software, a computer-based company that provided tech services to different clients. Of course, that moment defined his career path as the likes of Microsoft now wanted to poach him or purchase his company. After running the firm successfully for years, he sold it to Microsoft in 2000.

More on William Saito

Saito’s story is that one narrated with a lot of passion. Not only was he smart when it came to technology but he also made sure that he focused on his strong areas and technology and business they were. From how he managed to maneuver his way into the industry, it is clear that he was driven to perform better out of the passion and persistence he had. In fact, he recounted the fact that he never even had a clear understanding of English but managed to find his way to some of the leading tech industries. It is evident that with passion, everything in life can be achieved.


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