Jed McCaleb- predicting the Positive Future of Blockchain Technology

Jed McCaleb believes in the power of consciously leveraging technology to reduce the inefficiency and also improve the various human conditions. Jed is the co-founder of the and its CTO and deals with the technology’s development. He created the eDonkey network known to be a largest file-sharing platform, and he also created Mt.Gox in 2011 making it the first ever Bitcoin Exchange. Jed McCaleb is also the advisor to the MIRI that aids in researches of the artificial intelligence in a positive impact and predicts that Bitcoin is positively changing the banking sector. He states that the blockchain technology will become the universal payments platforms and also network and predict that the non-crypto assets like the stocks will use the same technology hence becoming digitalized.

Jed McCaleb has a long connection with the development of cryptocurrency and predicts the rise of global payments, stocks markets, and fundraising through their technology. Jed focused on different channels and platforms for developing of cross-border payments through the cryptocurrency and stated that the blockchain technology would soon gain its traction. Jed McCaleb believes the future is about universal payments networks operating on blockchain technology and involving public ledgers and let people use their common currencies like Euros and dollars.

According to Jed McCaleb, the Stellar is working on these issues with transactions claims of the network having a settlement time of just 5 seconds, and it allows the exchange faster. The deal is only fractions of the bitcoins, and it will help in U.S. dollar and Euro quick exchange. IBM is one company that uses the Stellar’s networks in developing of the payments of the cross-border systems using the large banks. The power of token sales in growing fast and within four years the market has raised over $9 billion, and it aids in the markets that are not tapped by the network financial systems.

The token sales offer a quicker way of raising ventures capital since it goes directly to the retails investors and contribute to the projects through the buying of the digital coins. The tokens give the investors the power to accessing the future platform as the value appreciates says, Jed McCaleb.

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