David McDonald’s efforts at OSI Group bears fruits

OSI Group is among the few food companies that have dominated the world food industry for many years. The company was established more than a century ago by a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky. Over the years, OSI Group has grown by leaps and bounds where they currently have more than 65 food processing facilities in 17 different countries.

Many people across the world have eaten products from OSI industries though they might not be aware of it. The company has been the main supplier for the McDonald restaurants since the 1950s. OSI Group specializes in the production and distribution of value-added protein products such as sausage links, beef patties, fish, and pork and poultry products.

OSI Group which calls Aurora Illinois home has established a global presence by establishing food processing in different corners of the globe. They have mega processing plants in China, Spain, and North America. Each of these facilities focuses on producing different products to meet the demands of the local market. Most of the processing facilities in China produce poultry and pork products while a facility in Spain focuses on the production of Poultry, beef, and pork products.

In the last few years, OSI Group has acquired several other food outlets in a bid to establish their international presence. Some of their acquisitions include Flagship Europe, Baho Food, and Tyson Food processing plant in Chicago. With these acquisitions, OSI Group has managed to penetrate the lucrative European market. The acquisition of Baho Food has opened new markets for OSI Group in Netherlands and Germany.

Despite being a multinational corporation, OSI Group has managed to keep their operations local in all their facilities. As a result, they have been able to provide food products that meet the needs of local consumers. Keeping it local also helps OSI Group to abide by all the local and international regulations in their operations.

OSI Group has a central leadership with the President of the company, David McDonald operating from the company’s headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. David McDonald has been part of OSI Group since 1991 when he joined the company. Over the years, David McDonald has worked his way up the leadership ladder at OSI Group to become the company’s president. David McDonald, the current president of OSI group graduated with a degree in Animal science from the Lowa State University. He grew up in the farms of Lowa where he helped his parents in farm work.

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