You Have To Look More Sparkling With Lime Crime New Hit

Beauty is one thing that every lady is daily working out for to look more outstanding and even updated with the current millennial generation. However, the beauty is not complete if you don’t spice it up so that you will not only be beautiful but also sparkling. There have been makeups in the past that come and go but there are those ones which are not just makeups but “beauty makers”. These are the kind of products produced by Lime Crime which is making every lady smile at the results of the make-up. Don’t be left behind, make your face prettier.

After launching the 3 main versions of the Venus eyeshadow palettes, Venus, Venus II and Venus XL, Lime Crime seem to be at it again with a new release which is not well known what it is but speculated to be Venus 3 palette. This makeup company has not ceased surprising its esteemed customers with its outstanding products and the new release that is expected is giving its customer’s goosebumps and butterflies of what next they could be releasing. Could be Venus 3? Well, time will tell.

The speculation from the fans could be as a result of the palette which was kind of floating under the beaming sun rays which were in the Crime’s post. This is an indication that the new hit is a palette but it’s uncertain which version. Nevertheless, from the comments of the fans, it is clear they expect a quality boom palette like the previous ones.

Venus, The Grudge Palette, gives the fans a chance to be creative to do their own masterpiece, enhances the usual eyeshadow with rusty browns, rustic reds creation and golden aura that makes you outstanding. It doesn’t fall or fade out; hence the modern look is maintained.

Venus II is darker than Venus which slays in the city with 8 full size pigmented eyeshadows which comes along with distinct but outstanding filters, boot, jam, mud, pigeon and fly. Venus XL palette slays with 4 outstanding finishes, 18 long-wearing shades and single unique swipe coverage specifically for your face, eyes, and cheeks. The next generation palette, set to be released by Lime Crime is the next focus of all fans.

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