Ronald Fowlkes.

Ronald Fowlkes is the co-founder of FirstSpear Company. He is also the Director of Business Development at the same company. Ronald is a former Marine serviceman who graduated from the high-status Army Jump School. Ronald is also a former member of the St. Louis Police Department where he served as a team leader in the department’s SWAT group. Ronald has a vast experience in the development, delivery, and design of high-quality officers and the whole body of the armed services. Ronald acquired his products sales and business management while he was in the military as he served as the military Business Development Manager and Products sales manager at both ITW and Eagle Industries.

Serving in the role of the Director of Business Development at FirstSpear, Ronald utilizes his past knowledge and experience to come up with innovative and new techniques. He discovers the unique goals of the company and devises methods to equip the firm for it to beat in the industry.

In an interview, Ronald expressed his excitement in representing the FirstSpear Company. He believes that his experience and knowledge matches the needs of the company. According to Ronald, FirstSpear firm makes money by attending trade shows and doing regular marketing activities. They also mainly involved in field businesses. The company has secured various contracts with industries and government. FirstSpear supports NATO and many other states and local law enforcement.

Ronald Fowlkes joined FirstSpear out of an interest that he had built on the company. Serving as a marine military was his childhood dream. His dream came true when he joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17 years, and according to him, he has never regretted his decision. To make sure all his duties are looked at, Ronald balances his official duties and personal activities. He starts his day by dropping his children at school then reports working. At his office, he begins his day by responding to phone messages and emails after which he engages in a regular touch point with his team. In this session, he gets into open matters and activities.

Fowlkes believes in teamwork and feels that this is what bears success in his ideas. Ronald is always excited by the way FirstSpear do product patent to protect their products from copycats. As a Director and a leader of such a big company, Ronald emulates a habit of writing everything down on flash cards or a booklet. He learned this habit from the Marine Corps where they were taught to use a Journal Book. He advises younger entrepreneurs to live a life of no regrets and live to their fullest. He also tells them to learn from their errors and mistakes.

In his Medium blog, Mr. Ronald gave his view on the news about Jeff Glass joining the NHL. Ronald argued that Jeff’s teenage success helped him to be ranked at the 89th overall position by the Ottawa Senators in the year 2004. He went further to express the unfortunate bit of Jeff’s career as he struggled and was later forced to join KHL.


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