Matt Badiali: Encouraging the Public to Invest in Freedom Checks

An online video was uploaded by Matt Badiali recently, and it became viral as those who have seen it shared it instantly on different social networking platforms. The video is all about the secrets of the freedom checks, and how people can get their hands on these special investment options that could make someone instantly rich. Matt Badiali is a writer and a business adviser who has been with the Banyan Hill Publishing Company for several years now. He is a licensed geologist, and he had worked with numerous oil and petroleum companies in the past. Because of his connection with these companies, he knew a lot of secrets going on with the industry, and the issuance of these checks is one of them. According to Matt Badiali, he heard about the freedom checks when he was in a conference for oil and petroleum companies, and after learning about these checks, he decided to dig deeper and ask more people connected to the industry on how he could obtain it. He also asked those who have purchased these checks, and he was surprised after he learned that most of them are earning thousands of dollars, just from the dividends that are being sent to them by the oil and petroleum companies every month. Knowing that these checks should not be hidden from the public, he made a video explaining what these checks are and how to get them. Visit to know more.


According to the video posted by Matt Badiali, more than 500 companies which are operating in the oil and petroleum industry were given the privilege by the government not to pay their taxes, in exchange of two conditions. The first one is that 90% of the company’s operation should be conducted within the territories of the United States, and the second condition presented to them is that they should be willing to give investors and shareholders the freedom checks. These companies should be prepared to pay thousands of dollars if their revenues went up. The companies which are covered by the law called Statute 26-F agreed to the conditions presented by the government, and they formed a group and calling it as a master limited partnerships, or MLPs.



Today, interested individuals could go directly to one of these MLPs and directly ask for a freedom check. There is not that much requirement needed to get hold of these checks, and once it has been purchased, the shareholders should watch how the companies perform, and if it ends positively, they will be given their dividends. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

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