Mikhail Blagosklonny has found lots of healing uses for Rapamycin

Miracle drug Rapamycin is well known as a cancer drug but also has healing properties according to professor Mikhail Blagosklonny. It was first discovered on Easter Island in bacterium back in 1972. When they isolated Rapamycin (also known as Sirolimus) and found that it was a great anti-fungal agent. Soon after they discovered that it had antiproliferative and immunosuppressive properties so they ditched it as a anti-fungal drug. Professor Blagosklonny extensive research shows how this powerful drug can cure or help a number of things. The most well known use for Rapamycin is cancer. It helps support the body’s immune system when it comes to tumors. It also supports the regression of tumors. Visit ResearchGate.Net to know more about Mikhail’s latest work.

People who suffer from Facial angiofibromas have good news in store for them. This butterfly rash that sits covers the cheeks and nose can be cured by Rapamycin. You apply it as a ointment, cream, or gel to get rid of it. People who have this rash often have Tuberous Sclerosis Complex or TSC. It can cause benign tumor growth in many organs and other parts of the body. Rapamycin can inhibit and suppress this congenital disorder. When you have kidney failure, low platelet count, and have anemia you may have a rare disease called hemolytic-uremic syndrome. If you get a kidney transplant there is a that your new kidney can get the same disease, but Rapamycin can reduce the chances of that. It is less toxic towards the kidneys. Lymphangioleiomyomatosis is a rare disease that women get in childbearing years. Rapamycin is shown to cure this ailment.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny hopes that others will continue his research into finding cures and making it less of a painful process that quickens the time of healing. He also hopes to make medical treatment more affordable to everyone, not just for the rich. Mr. Blagosklonny hopes that one day everyone will be able to get the medical help they deserve.

All of his interest particularly lie in the cancer and aging field. His research is more focused on how the two together and why older folks tend to get cancer more than younger people. Mikhail Blagosklonny is an inspiration to his students and peers. They often seek him for advice and his opinion. Not only is he a researcher, but he is a professor, philanthropist, and all around nice guy. Read this article about Mikhail at inprogressmag.com.

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