Coffee: The Fountain of Youth just Got Better

It is stated that about 83% of Americans drink coffee every year. There have been a lot of research about how coffee can affect the body, but what if you could drink coffee that would lead to a long life? Would you drink it? It has been stated that coffee can reduce the risk of deadly diseases that include heart disease and strokes. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

Two studies that were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine did a group study who drank coffer over 16 years. Participants that drank over two cups of coffee decreased their chance of death by 18%. The survey over in Europe had 520,000 participants over a span of 10 countries. Read:

The participants drank several cups of coffee had decreased their chances of an early death. After the study, it was concluded that the researchers could not define how coffee can give a person all of these health benefits. Organo Coffee is a company that has various products that are beneficial to a person’s health. Organo Coffee carries product from flavored coffee to green tea to supplements to enhance the body. Organo Gold takes pride in the work that they do by producing the best coffee to their consumers. Organo Coffee goal is to change the way people think about their health that includes the way they balance their health, their independence, and their welfare. Organo Coffee wants to reinvigorate the body and to get you motivated about your health. Organo Coffee is the coffee that will get your going and help you jump start on your health. Organo Gold is also available at

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