Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is an entrepreneur who has his own unique stance in the business world. To Jeffry, the right culture stands for all the things that are important in a company. He is constantly searching for new opportunities to foster admirable cultures for employees. Mr. Schneider firmly believes in the concept of trust. He carefully selects employees that he trusts. After hiring his employees, he strives to find ways to instill trust.


Diligence is the Key to a Successful Business

Jeffry Schneider has learned to trust his own soul and strives to fulfill his purpose in life. He believes that people should not continue to work at jobs they do not love. With due diligence as the primary objective, people who know Jeffry Schneider recognize his rugged individualism in a sea of entrepreneurial conformity.

Creating a Workplace Filled with Happiness and Love

Although the concept of creating a work environment in which employees are happy may, on the surface, sound like a cliché, the fact is that Jeffry Schneider is on the right track. He believes that traditional cubicles and desks are on the way out of the office. Instead, his idea is to create an environment encouraging sociability while also providing for quiet moments.


Grow a Business by Attracting and Keeping Loyal Employees

Fostering the right atmosphere for his employees is uppermost in his mind. For Jeffry Schneider, an unhappy work environment is a ticket to failure. Business CEOs fully understanding this important concept are apt to attract intelligent team members who do not readily quit their jobs in search of greener pastures.


A Man Who Believes in the Important Aspects of Life

Mr. Schneider focuses on the things in life that matter. He loves to eat healthy food and work out at the local gym. He is a veteran marathon and triathlon participant. Jeffry Schneider enjoys traveling to different countries and meeting people of other cultures. He loves to eat exotic food. Jeffry Schneider has always had a need to help other people. Consequently, he works with numerous charitable organizations including an organization focused on helping Cherokee children.

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