When Conversion Rates Matter

Multivariate testing can be described as the process where all the possibilities are tried to determine the best combination. It is in effect the process of looking at all the possible combinations to arrive at the conclusion as to which combination is the better one. In the world of websites and apps, they consist of several different elements which can be changed around. An example would the photos or a headline. There are several combinations in which these can be presented. And some will be better than others. The trick is to find the best combination, which is when multi-variant testing can be done through Sentient AI.


Sentient AI Multivariate-testing is one of the best when it comes to distributed artificial intelligence technology. It is one of the first products to use artificial intelligence for conversion rate optimization. Which is a great tool for marketers who need to know about Multivariate testing for online marketing and also done in a quick way. In fact, it is so fast that marketers are able to compress years of testing and reduce it into just a few months. In a nutshell, marketers can test all possible combinations at the same time instead of only a few at a time.


Anyone who knows about testing different combinations in marketing will know that this technology from Sentient is a revolution of sorts. On top of all this, companies are saving money in the process by being able to test any changes that may happen across the entire sales funnel. So what does all this mean to the bottom line of a company that uses this technology?


The biggest advantage is that conversion rates will go up. After all, there is no use for a website if people do not buy and instead only browse. Therefore, Sentient AI Multivariate testing is helping with conversion rate optimization. Up until this technology was available, marketers were stuck with testing two different websites in a process known as A/B testing. The problem with A/B testing is that they can only test one idea at a time and it needs a large amount of traffic to get any useful data. However, with Sentient AI the days of waiting and watching are now gone forever.

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