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David Giertz on Providing Instrumental Tips to Plan Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is one of the most significant concerns of the people who are working. Considering the instability in the financial market as well as the higher inflation rate, people are worried as to whether they would be able to meet up with the living expenses upon retirement and whether their current savings would add up to be sufficient in the future. David Giertz is one of the well-known financial advisors in the country and has been with the Nationwide Financials Inc for many years. Before serving the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, David Giertz has worked with several other financial and banking firms, including the Citi Group. It has given him with a very helpful experience and knowledge about how the financial markets work. He has over the years also mastered the art of retirement planning, a niche he has learned over the years.

David Giertz says that people focus on only saving their money, but just saving money is not enough as people also need to invest their money well. Investments help in fetching returns that would make the retirement fund large enough to be sufficient in the future. People who are looking to retire early may have to invest in some of the riskiest yet high return based investment tools as it would help in achieving their investment and retirement planning goals regarding retirement fund they want to accumulate. David Giertz says that depending upon your current income; you should also have an IRA account as it is an excellent way to anchor your investments and make sure that you have considerable wealth accumulated safely by the time you retire.

David Giertz has been one of the most successful financial advisors in the country and has even featured in some of the most reputed commercial TV shows on CNN, CBS, CNBC, and more. David Giertz says that there are many pension funds and retirement planning specific investment tools that address the investment goals of the people, and which people must look into carefully when investing. Better planning and making right investments is vital to achieving success with retirement planning.

Edward Honig Takes Care of Hearts in NYC

When you’re seeking medical care, there are many options. However don’t limit your visits to only the times when you’re feeling ill. It’s especially important to visit a medical professional when you’re feeling well. One of the most important parts of your body is your heart. This is such an essential organ that specialists exist just to ensure the proper care of it.

A cardiologist is a doctor with special training and skill in finding, treating and preventing diseases of the heart and blood vessels. They are fully certified and all practitioners go through medical school. This includes a minimum of ten years of clinical and educational preparation. After that, they must partake in a two-day exam with the American Board of Internal Medicine.

One would be recommended to a cardiologist by their general practitioner. Those with a history of heart disease have a higher need to schedule regular visits with a cardiologist. Those who experience chest pains or shortness of breath shouldn’t waste time either. Smokers and diabetics in particular have a special need for cardiology services. If you’re in the NYC area, there is an experienced and trusted professional who stands above all the rest.

Dr. Edward Honig is a well respected cardiologist in New York City. He currently operates out of Glen Cove Hospital in Glen Cove, New York. He has decades of experience handling all areas of cardiology. Dr. Honig can help to promote wellness and reduce disease and injury of the heart.

Just like all the doctors at Glen Cove Hospital, Dr. Honig provides world class service. He is the gold standard when it comes to cardiology. This seasoned professional treats every patient with competence and compassion. When you visit, he’ll review your medical history and perform all the proper procedures. After the initial visit, follow-up care is recommended. You can rest assured you will be completely satisfied with his service.

A cardiologist is one of the most important people you can visit this year. You need someone well qualified to handle your heart. Dr. Edward Honig just outside of NYC can provide you with the care you need. As he always says, “With a healthy heart the beat goes on”.

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When Conversion Rates Matter

Multivariate testing can be described as the process where all the possibilities are tried to determine the best combination. It is in effect the process of looking at all the possible combinations to arrive at the conclusion as to which combination is the better one. In the world of websites and apps, they consist of several different elements which can be changed around. An example would the photos or a headline. There are several combinations in which these can be presented. And some will be better than others. The trick is to find the best combination, which is when multi-variant testing can be done through Sentient AI.


Sentient AI Multivariate-testing is one of the best when it comes to distributed artificial intelligence technology. It is one of the first products to use artificial intelligence for conversion rate optimization. Which is a great tool for marketers who need to know about Multivariate testing for online marketing and also done in a quick way. In fact, it is so fast that marketers are able to compress years of testing and reduce it into just a few months. In a nutshell, marketers can test all possible combinations at the same time instead of only a few at a time.


Anyone who knows about testing different combinations in marketing will know that this technology from Sentient is a revolution of sorts. On top of all this, companies are saving money in the process by being able to test any changes that may happen across the entire sales funnel. So what does all this mean to the bottom line of a company that uses this technology?


The biggest advantage is that conversion rates will go up. After all, there is no use for a website if people do not buy and instead only browse. Therefore, Sentient AI Multivariate testing is helping with conversion rate optimization. Up until this technology was available, marketers were stuck with testing two different websites in a process known as A/B testing. The problem with A/B testing is that they can only test one idea at a time and it needs a large amount of traffic to get any useful data. However, with Sentient AI the days of waiting and watching are now gone forever.

The Career Life of Drew Madden

Drew Madden takes great pride in his vast experience in implementation, optimization, and management of EMR projects. He also has the prowess to merge a technical EMR background with his extensive experience in project management and supervising business operations. That has helped IT leaders in the healthcare sector to build a successful Epic implementation teams.

Drew Madden began his career journey at Cerner Corporation where his role was to implement Inpatient clinical solutions. He later started working at Healthia Consulting in 2005 where he spent four years performing various roles before being promoted to a Business Development position. Healthia Consulting was later sold to Ingenix Consulting.

As the chief executive officer and president of Nordic Consulting, Drew Madden is accountable for customer relationship, development of business, and hiring new staff. He strives to maintain a good relationship with Epic customers both locally and internationally. He is a professional healthcare IT entrepreneur with a passion for building teams of high caliber. He also strives to create a unique and attractive business culture as well as a trusted client partnership.

Drew Madden started working at Nordic Consulting Company in 2010 where he served as the president from 2011 to 2016. Nordic is one of the world’s biggest Epic consulting firms that have been awarded several KLAS awards due to its consulting brilliance. The awards include the number one ranking for Epic implementation service in 2012 and 2014. Drew Madden narrates that he has great passion in Electrical medical records. For this reason, he has spent more than a decade partnering with the brilliant and brightest minds in the field to implement, optimize, troubleshoot and work on the complex challenges related to EMR project.

Under his leadership, Nordic Consulting Partner has experienced tremendous growth including workers increase from 10 to 725. The client base also rose from 3 to 150. Besides, the company’s revenue grew from $1000000 to $ 130000000 per year. Before joining Nordic, Madden worked as an Epic consultant in various companies. Mr. Madden graduated from Lowa University School of Engineering with a B.S.E in Medical Systems.

Meet George Soros, a Financial Strategist, Philanthropist, and Political Influencer

George Soros is a renowned philanthropist that has donated over $12 million to aid individuals and foundations advocating for freedom of expression, justice, equality, transparency, and accountability in government. Mr. Soros has worked with different forms of people facing discrimination including drug users, LGBT individuals, and sex workers. George’s passion for helping the discriminated emerges from personal experiences having lived through the Nazi occupation that led to the murder of more than 500,000 Jews. George Soros and his family managed to survive by obtaining fake documentation, and he fled Budapest in 1947 for London.

On moving to London, Mr. Soros enrolled at the London School of Economics while working part-time as a railway porter and waiter at a nightclub. Later in 1956, George relocated to the US where he began his finance profession working at a merchant bank. In 1970, Soros founded his hedge fund dubbed the ‘Soros Fund Management’ and has since evolved into one of the most successful investors in American history. Forbes featured George for his bet against the British pound that broke England’s monetary system overnight and made him lots of profits.

Given his vast fortune, Mr. Soros launched the Open Society Foundation, a system comprising of foundations, partners, and projects in over 100 nations in Africa, Asia, and the US. The organization aimed to offer generous aid to help several communities in different parts of the globe. For instance, Open Society Foundation offered scholarships to South African under apartheid. Besides the organization in the 1980’s assisted in promoting an open exchange of ideas during the Communist Eastern Bloc after it gave photocopiers to reprint banned texts. In the 2000s, Soros was on the forefront to advocate for same-sex marriages in the United States and more information click here.

Additionally, George Soros has also financed paralegals and attorneys representing millions of persons detained illegally. George has gone beyond Open Society Foundation horizon to support independent establishments like Global Witness, the European Council on Foreign Relations, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, and the International Crisis Group.

Besides his benevolent nature, George Soros is also an influential political figure worldwide. Such recognition emanates from his several years’ experience in restructuring the political domain of different countries across the universe. For instance, George has led to the collapse of several regimes that had stayed in power for many years. Mr. Soros is a liberal and a critic of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump and Follow his Twitter.

Earlier on Soros had donated over $27 million to help remove President Bush from office after which he decided to stop financing politics. Nevertheless, he came back into the scene to back up Hillary Clinton’s candidacy by giving out nearly $ 25 million to fund her campaigns as well as other democratic candidates.

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Why Doe Deere of Lime Crime Runs her Company Differently

The revolutionary cosmetics brand Lime Crime is taking its fans by storm after announcing the launch of its new eyeshadow palette. While fans typically jump and beauty bloggers rave over the incredible colors that Lime Crime offers, in this case it’s the fun packaging that has people abuzz.

Lime Crime just dropped a bomb on the beauty world by releasing a line of eyeshadows styled after the ‘90s retro toy of Polly Pockets. Polly Pockets were all the rage for girls in the ‘90s and each little toy opened up to a house for Polly full of levels and unique touches. Similarly, Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Palettes open up to a whole new world in eyeshadow fun.

The outside casing comes in yellow, blue or pink and are available for $34 each or $90 for all three. Just like the classic toys, they open up to reveal a world of fun for buyers. The colors in each vary from Lime Crime’s signature bold colors to more muted colors that make them the perfect cosmetic accessory for any woman’s style.

Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere as a means to share her unique fashion sense with women everywhere. Doe Deere is known as a Unicorn Queen and she leads the charge in helping women express themselves through makeup and other cosmetics. Doe Deere can be seen strutting the California streets with bright orange or purple hair and a perfectly polished face of makeup that certainly earns her the title of Unicorn Queen. She is a fearless entrepreneur and encourages her team at Lime Crime to think in a similar fashion.

Lime Crime started as a small startup niche makeup brand and has grown to become so mainstream that fashionistas everywhere carry the company’s signature Unicorn blue lipstick, a shade that never would have been worn a decade ago.

The Lime Crime team loves living on the edge, where beauty meets rebellion and with just a hint of punk rock mixed into the flavor. While the cosmetic line has always been edgy, they also have some of the best made products available. All of their cosmetics are approved for Vegans and are certified by PETA as being cruelty free.

The Pocket Candy Palette is by all means as whimsical as the entire Lime Crime Line and founder Doe Deere herself. If Polly Pockets are the inspiration for this year’s makeup rollout, it will be exciting to see what’s next for the folks at Lime Crime.

James Dondero Donates Millions To The Dallas Community

The Dallas community has a number of reasons to smile about, due to the hefty donations made by James Dondero. Dondero, the president and the Co-founder of Highlands Capital Management-(financial firm, based in Dallas), is committed to the Dallas community. Through his firm, James has proven his value and commitment to the community. This commitment is seen through his support on community projects that promote education and the overall economy. The support is facilitated through a number of partnership with non -profit organizations.

One of Dondero’s recent funding was on the Dallas Zoo that has been for a long time without hippos. Under his leadership at Highland Capital Management, he funded $1 million in an effort to bring hippos back to the Zoo. At the moment, this community is not only embracing natural heritage but also attracting tourists to the zoo. This is impacting positively on their economy. Consequently, this has made Dallas the fastest growing areas in the United States.

Having studied at the University of Virginia and with extensive experience makes Dondero appreciate education. Therefore, to show this, he has dedicated his resources to his firm’s scholarship program to fund educational causes, within Dallas. One donation includes the $2 million donated to Southern Methodist University.Through this donation; students are given a platform to explore opportunities abroad and an internship and mentorship by prominent leaders. Alongside this donation is the Family Place. This is an agency that aids victims of violence. Recently, the Dallas community received $16.5 million for the construction of a counseling center. Through this program, they have been educated on violence prevention and intervention measures.

Beyond philanthropy, the Dallas community understands that they have a place and person to go to for financial advice.This place is Highland Capital management. Having started in 1993, it offers an array of services like collateralized loan, credit management, alternative markets, retirement planning, among other financial services.

James Dondero is a financial expert and a philanthropist.He has always been passionate about finance, which explains why he studied commerce at Virginia University. It’s through hard work that he has risen to success, from a corporate bond analyst to a president of the most respected financial service corporations, in America.

Amazing Lead by Michel Terpins in the 25th Edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team

Michel Terpins, 40, together with his partner, Maykel Justo, 37, took part in the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally of more than 3,300 kilometers at the Autodromo International de Goiania. Michel and Justo participated in the Prototype T1 category with car #322 T-Rex manufactured by MEM Motorsport.

Michel who is currently leading Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship in Prototype T1 started racing in 2002 with motorcycles before joining his brother Rodrigo Terpins in car racing. Michel is set to complete his 10th participation in the rally. He’s is also very confident of his partner, Justo, who has a vast experience in the rallies.

Michel and Justo won two of three stages in Prototype T1 category. The duo was leading in their category, and also took the 4th position overall with 11:45m23s time record and ranked among top 5 fastest in the competition.

Despite the car having mechanical problems in the third stage, Michel still worked hard to maintain their top position. The third stage had a lot of winding roads, depressions, and erosion. They managed to finish 4th in Prototypes T1 and earned 10th place overall.

Michel Terpins together with his brother Rodrigo Terpins have passion for speed and off-road drive. Together they formed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team and had been competing for Sertoes Rally and also the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. Michel, just like his brother Rodrigo rides in T-Rex which is developed by MEM Motorsport.

Michel’s car #322 is carbon free. The car received the carbon-free seal by the Green Initiative. Any carbon dioxide released by the vehicle during the rally will is compensated by planting more trees at the Atlantic Forest.


Michel Terpins who is 40 years old is a leading Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. Together with his partner Justo, Michel has participated in several competitions among them being the 25th edition where they participated in Prototype T1 with car #322. Michel and Justo took the lead position in two out of three stages. During the third stage, Michel’s car experienced mechanical challenges, but this didn’t stop him from going for his win. They managed to finish 4th in Prototype T1 and 10th overall. Michel has passion in car racing just like his brother Rodrigo Terpins. He also appreciates the support of Justo, who has broad experience in rallies.

George Soros achievements

George Soros is a famous self-made billionaire and widely recognized for his philanthropic work and investment savvy. Mr. Soros was born on August 12th, 1930 in Hungary. Mr. Soros was lucky to survive the Nazi occupation that was followed the communist law in Hungary in the 1940s. He fled to London where he enrolled in university and obtained a degree in economics. He later moved to New York in the United States and ventured in the finance industry. He started his philanthropic work in 1979 and by 2012; he had donated more than seven billion US Dollars through His Open Society Foundation.

Soros established the open society foundation in 1984. The foundation funds many global initiatives to advance education, justice, business development, public health and freedom of media. The causes that t the foundation supports with funds are many, they include funding arts, helping regions affected by calamities, creating after-school programs in united states, assisting Russian university system with finances, fighting disease and fighting for human rights in Eastern Europe and read full article.

George Soros has seen and passed through many things. Books have been in print for him, and he personally has written books. He has been invited to deliver several speeches during motivation platforms not to mention the many interviews he has held to discuss issues related to philanthropy, politics, and fiancé. Some of the famous books that Mr. Soros has written include the George Soros on Globalization, Crisis of Global Capitalism and Underwriting Democracy. Soros also has co-authored several books like the New Paradigm for the Financial Markets and Tragedy of the European Union. He also has a wide knowledge of economics. His illustrious career has made him be awarded many honorary degrees. He received an honorary degree from Yale School of Management and University of Bologna and learn more about George Soros.

Other reputable institutions that have awarded George Soros with honorary degree include the University of Oxford and the Corvinus University of Budapest. Finally, the New School For Research has also recognized George Soros for his standard work in economics and finance. All these awards made him receive the mother of all wards; Institutional Investors Alpha Award which Soros name to be featured on Hedge Fund Manager Hall of Fame. It means that his name will always appear alongside other successful people recognized by hedge fund managers and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

One of his earlier philanthropic works that touched many people is when he funded black university students to continue their education in South Africa. This was a gesture he used to fight apartheid rule that was oppressing native South Africans. His organization spends close to 500 million Us dollars annually to fund his philanthropic work around the globe. Soros is a man who has changed many people’s lives around the globe and impacted them positively and more information click here.

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Inspirey’s Interview with Dr. Siegall Shows Inspiration Behind Leading Biotech Company

The interview “Dr. Siegall—CEO, Seattle Genetics” published by Inspirey, details the inspiration behind the biotech company, Seattle Genetics.

The company was co-founded by Dr. Siegall in 1998 and became public in 2001. Dr. Siegall is still the President and CEO of Seattle Genetics. He was inspired to create the biotech company after becoming fascinated in the power of technology to overcome disease. He studied zoology at the University of Maryland where he first became intrigued by cancer patient.

He also had to watch the brutal cancer treatment of a family member, whose treatment was so harsh that they developed severe anemia and nearly died from the side effects of chemotherapy. Dr. Siegall saw that the only options available to cancer patients was either the harsh chemotherapy with detrimental side effects or radical surgery and amputation. He was inspired to find another way.

Dr. Siegall was also encouraged to start his own company after needed more autonomy in his research projects. After gaining his doctorate in genetics from George Washington Unviersity, he went to work for companies like the National Cancer Institute and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. After watching his research and patents gain $80 million in profit without seeing any of that money aside from his paycheck, he decided he needed to begin his own company. He also wanted the recognition for his hard work.

Seattle Genetics became profitable ten years after going public. They make money by selling the first FDA approved ADC. Their drug ADCetris is available in 65 companies and they have exclusivity on the patent. They also make money through production partnerships and licensing technologies. Though getting a drug approved by the FDA is both an intense and expensive process, the drug is capable of earning substantial profits.

Despite difficulties in the early years, Dr. Siegall believes the success of the company is due to hard work and selling strategies. The company hired a talented sales group in the early 2000’s that allowed them to gain 7 and 8 figure contracts.

Dr. Siegall has grown Seattle Genetics from a small biotech startup to a leader in the cancer treatment pharmaceuticals. They have become the leader in antibody-drug conjugates and have become a global brand that is approved in 65 countries.