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What Makes Jeff Schneider Content

Jeff Schneider, CEO and dad, is finally taking a step back after so many years of working and volunteering. He’s eagerly investigating what makes people happy, fulfilled, and efficacious. Today in 2018, his personal and professional worlds are blossoming under altruism, teamwork, and self-wellness. For many who know Jeff, he is living proof that following a personal health program can positively impact your world and subsequently the people around you, and this makes him happy.

Ardently focused when it comes to fitness, he’s grateful to live in Austin as he has access to plenty of gyms and wellness programs, so he can maintain his health. A wellness program encompasses a variety of benefits such as boosted overall health, improved cognitive function, reduced stress levels and increased rates of productivity at the workplace. Research shows that individuals who exercise regularly as part of their wellness program are less likely to request sick leaves than those who do not exercise at all, so Jeffry implements them at his office as well.  Wellness programs exhibit to employees that their overall health is important to their employers encouraging a positive attitude about working for the company. Jeff enjoys leading his company and looks forward every day to working with the team.

Jeffry Schneider feels that if we want to make a positive impact on our world, we must build stronger communities. At the same time, Jeff understands and accepts that to reach this, a strong, seasoned leader must be in place. Fortunately, Jeffry is more than up for the task., Jeff Schneider is a longtime supporter of numerous organizations through involvement with their community outreach projects. Committed to the cause, Jeffry focuses a significant amount of his time assisting communities with their member’s personal wellness and self-esteem. Whether he’s volunteering his time at a local charitable organization or running a marathon, health seminar, or another community event, Jeffry Schneider leads by setting an example, aiming to strengthen our communities.

OneLogin Prevents Ghosts of Ex-Employees from Lurking in the Company’s Shadows

Most businesses worldwide work tirelessly to ensure daily success by recruiting highly qualified employees, implementing modernized innovations, and providing correctly balanced accounts. Most neglect the issue of one leaving an institution. Ideally, if an employee leaves the firm, the business looks for an eligible candidate that replaces the other one, and the company completes any unfulfilled project. The organization also throws a leaving celebration to ascertain that the employee parts in the best terms. However, the real business world is not ideal, and the departure of an employee can lead to unresolved issues even months after them leaving.

Not all the employees who leave a company are friends to the institution. Ex-employees can inflict a lot of damage to their former organization. Organizations should, therefore, ensure that soon-to-be-ex employees leave the system without access to the firm’s data. OneLogin reports research findings that indicate more than half of ex-employees continue to have unrestricted access to their former corporate network. Also, almost 25 percent of companies undergo data security breaches because of their previous staff members. 28% of ex-employees’ accounts continue to be active for more than a month.

Instances of data breaches include a former employee of OFCOM downloading the company’s data and presenting it to its competitor, as well as a former employee of Marriott Hotels cost the firm 50,000 dollars by slashing down the room rates. Many organizations continue to report breaching cases due to ex-employees. OneLogin reveals that only a few companies revoke digital access of ex-employees on their departure.

OneLogin, Inc. is a provider of access and identity management and is cloud-based. The company sells to other enterprises. OneLogin provides systems that can secure external partner, customer, and employee access to the enterprise’s information. The policies offered are secure to use, scalable, and simple in design. The firm aims at reducing the IT departments’ time spent on monitoring user off boarding and onboarding, secure access to apps and devices, and increase the productivity of end users.

The products from OneLogin include cloud directory, virtual LDAP, desktop authentication, user provisioning, single sign-on, adaptive authentication, multi-factor authentication, cloud RADIUS, and much more. OneLogin serves numerous customers through an array of industries such as education, financial services, technology, media, health, life sciences, and retail.

Equities First Holdings UK

Many companies now in day are hard to trust with you money. This is due to many reasons. one being that the companies are biased and help out there sister companies. So company A might advice you to invest into company B as if it was the best thing to do, but company A is actually directly related to company B. The good thing about Equites First holdings is that they makes sure to stay Impartial and fair when recommending what companies you should and should not invest in. The company is known for help people with different financial issue they might have. Should an issue with your money arose this is a great place to go to and sort it out. The company has hired a staff that is fully prepared to meet you every demand. The company has office all over the world and the UK one is expressed in this essay.

The views Of Dr. Mark Holterman On IPSAC-VN

Mark Holterman is a person who is not looking at his own country but wants to extend healthcare further ahead too. This includes Vietnam also where he is promoting a Scholarship Program.

He is a highly experienced pediatric surgeon. Dr. Mark Holterman has an MD degree. He is maintaining concurrent responsibilities today. On the one hand, he is serving as the professor of surgery and pediatrics. This is at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine. On the other hand, Mark Holterman is the CEO of Mariam Global Health. He has been in this position for the last five years now. In addition, he is an active member in his field. Dr. Mark Holterman is supporting the work of several organizations. One of these is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). Read more about his interview at

This is an organization that has always worked towards the improving pediatric care for the children of Vietnam, in a sustainable way. In order to achieve this, the organization has undertaken several initiatives. All of them are aimed at providing medical personnel, other supplies, and such other resources to this region.

Another initiative taken by IPSAC-VN is the International Scholar Program. In this, the local medical professionals get opportunities for obtaining further education in various educational institutions in the United States. In order to qualify for this scholarship, the applicants have to furnish a letter that should be from their current institution. This has to highlight their level of dedication to the improvement of health care.


Once a person gets chosen for IPSAC-VN scholarship, he/she receives $2,500. This can be used for funding their travels to the United States. They can stay up to two months at the medical institution which is hosting them. During this period, the scholars can train in medical research, or they can participate in the clinical examinations. Once the scholarship program is over, participants have to return to their institution in Vietnam. They are asked to speak in front of the supporters of IPSAC-VN about their time abroad, their learning, and how they will be using this to enhance local pediatric health care. Read more Q&A at with Dr. Mark Holreman.

Eli Gershkovitch’s Success In Developing Craft Beer In Canada

In Canada, consumption of alcohol generates over $9 billion in annual sales, with craft beer claiming a good share. The Canadian craft beer brands have continued to evolve from boring and watery to exciting and tasty brands. The award-winning Propeller IPA by Propeller Brewing Company is an example of innovative craft beers with toned down bitterness. The blueberry flavor of Pump House Blueberry Ale, a brand of the Pump House Brewery, does not compromise the taste of beer. St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, sweet and dark, is a perfect winter beer. Other notable Canadian craft beer brands are La Fin Du Monde, a spicy and fruity beverage and Party Animal, Lug Tread, Mad Tom IPA and Rye Pale Ale. Read more about his craft beers at The Bro Talk.

About Eli Gershkovitch

Eli Gershkovitch, founder and CEO of Steamworks Group, is a passionate brewer whose love for craft beer is reflected in his unique brands. Eli emerged among the top contenders at the 2017 Open Beer Championship where Canadian craft beer performed impressively. A lawyer by profession, Eli’s career exposed him to the legal liquor business in Gastown. Eli Gershkovitch posits that when he decided to set up his own brewery in Gastown, he found it challenging since the approval board claimed that Gastown was not a residential town. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at

However, Eli Gershkovitch used his legal skill to finally obtain a license, thus opening his first small pub in Gastown. He named the pub Steamworks since the brewery uses steam energy. Eli Gershkovitch has transformed Steamworks’ flagship brew pub from 184 seats to 754 seats. In Vancouver, Eli has opened several bars and restaurants, including the Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar. Steamworks craft beers represent Vancouver’s culture, which has helped to increase the brewery’s popularity.

Eli Gershkovitch manages to create unique brands since he takes time to research before releasing a brand to the public. Steamworks offers a wide range of craft beers, including Steamworks Pale Ale, Flagship IPA and Lion’s Gate Lager. These brands are sold across Canada and in 14 countries in the United States. The brewpub’s popular pilsner has received the Best BC Craft Beer Awards twice while its pumpkin ale scooped a gold medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2013. Besides his involvement in liquor brewing, Eli Gershkovitch, who is also a qualified pilot, sponsors local events in Gastown.


A Comforting Presence in the Midst of Chaos: Therapy Via Text with Talkspace

There are times in everyone’s life that they need to know that they matter. The recent therapy application called Talkspace provides that support. Alicia Winkle, a licensed professional counselor based out of Alabama likes the fact that she can work remotely with patients suffering from anxiety disorders. She knows from her experience as a professional counselor that many of her patients have difficulty getting out of bed. This application gives these patients opportunities they wouldn’t normally have. The benefits that she sees from the text therapy sessions are noticeable. Dr. Winkle appreciates being able to celebrate the milestones with her patients.

One of the many ways that Talkspace helps patients form connections is by being that comforting presence. It is important for those patients that are suffering from Borderline Personality Disorders (BPD) to have someone they can connect with at any given time. The therapists at Talkspace provide support for people who need to know that they are worthy. Coping with BPD isn’t easy because someone with this disorder tends to “run hot and cold” depending on the situation.

Talkspace can be used as an addition to traditional therapists or as a “stand alone” therapist. This text therapist application matches you with the therapist that meets your needs. All of the therapists connected with the application are licensed professionals. The benefits of this therapy are:


  • Cost
  • Anonymity
  • Convenience
  • Shareability

It is important to note that this type of therapy shouldn’t replace the traditional face-to-face therapy. This is however beneficial for people that are too busy to schedule an appointment or need emergency counseling. Someone who is uncomfortable sharing personal information online or in a text message wouldn’t benefit at all from this type of therapy. It does provide comfort in the midst of chaos.

Interesting Facts about Rocketship Education

Rocket education is a network based in California that mainly deals with education. The school is aimed at making a difference by eliminating poverty through education. The school is also outstanding since it includes students and teachers. It incorporates the contribution of every individual who is aimed at bringing change in the future as far as the society around it is concerned. The school is characterized by trust, honesty, humility, justice and equal distribution of resources in terms of services offered.

Rocketeers involve the community in their activities so as to establish understanding and share the impact. To them, the community starts with those who are close regarding their operation and goes further to students and teachers in classrooms. Rocketeers believe that any challenge they face is a stepping stone towards greatness. They face the challenge as a team. Therefore, to them, no challenge is impossible.

Rocketeers are responsive to their work, and this shows that their feedback is essential to anyone interested in their mission. Rocketeers believe that every child has the right to education, and, therefore, they are busy narrowing the achievement space in the lives of children.

The school serves children from underserved families in D.C. It also serves a maximum of 630 students since they use technology in teaching and supervising them. The school does not only cater for students but parents and leaders too. This is intended to establish a sustainable and high-quality system of education around the region. The main goal is for students and leaders to graduate and eliminate poverty in their regions by being creative and innovative in their own way.

The mission of Rocketship Education is to give students an environment in which they can learn self-awareness, self-motivation, discipline and competence among other vital skills in students’ life. Critical thinking is indeed important in setting one’s life platform and, therefore, Rocketship Education focuses on it every day. Problem-solving skills, relationship skills and social skills are other key aspects that are taught both to students and leaders in Rocketship Education.

In summary, Rocketship Education is one of the best places to be for leaders, students, parents and staff. By enrolling to this school, you will rejoice in future.

David Giertz on Providing Instrumental Tips to Plan Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is one of the most significant concerns of the people who are working. Considering the instability in the financial market as well as the higher inflation rate, people are worried as to whether they would be able to meet up with the living expenses upon retirement and whether their current savings would add up to be sufficient in the future. David Giertz is one of the well-known financial advisors in the country and has been with the Nationwide Financials Inc for many years. Before serving the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, David Giertz has worked with several other financial and banking firms, including the Citi Group. It has given him with a very helpful experience and knowledge about how the financial markets work. He has over the years also mastered the art of retirement planning, a niche he has learned over the years.

David Giertz says that people focus on only saving their money, but just saving money is not enough as people also need to invest their money well. Investments help in fetching returns that would make the retirement fund large enough to be sufficient in the future. People who are looking to retire early may have to invest in some of the riskiest yet high return based investment tools as it would help in achieving their investment and retirement planning goals regarding retirement fund they want to accumulate. David Giertz says that depending upon your current income; you should also have an IRA account as it is an excellent way to anchor your investments and make sure that you have considerable wealth accumulated safely by the time you retire.

David Giertz has been one of the most successful financial advisors in the country and has even featured in some of the most reputed commercial TV shows on CNN, CBS, CNBC, and more. David Giertz says that there are many pension funds and retirement planning specific investment tools that address the investment goals of the people, and which people must look into carefully when investing. Better planning and making right investments is vital to achieving success with retirement planning.

Edward Honig Takes Care of Hearts in NYC

When you’re seeking medical care, there are many options. However don’t limit your visits to only the times when you’re feeling ill. It’s especially important to visit a medical professional when you’re feeling well. One of the most important parts of your body is your heart. This is such an essential organ that specialists exist just to ensure the proper care of it.

A cardiologist is a doctor with special training and skill in finding, treating and preventing diseases of the heart and blood vessels. They are fully certified and all practitioners go through medical school. This includes a minimum of ten years of clinical and educational preparation. After that, they must partake in a two-day exam with the American Board of Internal Medicine.

One would be recommended to a cardiologist by their general practitioner. Those with a history of heart disease have a higher need to schedule regular visits with a cardiologist. Those who experience chest pains or shortness of breath shouldn’t waste time either. Smokers and diabetics in particular have a special need for cardiology services. If you’re in the NYC area, there is an experienced and trusted professional who stands above all the rest.

Dr. Edward Honig is a well respected cardiologist in New York City. He currently operates out of Glen Cove Hospital in Glen Cove, New York. He has decades of experience handling all areas of cardiology. Dr. Honig can help to promote wellness and reduce disease and injury of the heart.

Just like all the doctors at Glen Cove Hospital, Dr. Honig provides world class service. He is the gold standard when it comes to cardiology. This seasoned professional treats every patient with competence and compassion. When you visit, he’ll review your medical history and perform all the proper procedures. After the initial visit, follow-up care is recommended. You can rest assured you will be completely satisfied with his service.

A cardiologist is one of the most important people you can visit this year. You need someone well qualified to handle your heart. Dr. Edward Honig just outside of NYC can provide you with the care you need. As he always says, “With a healthy heart the beat goes on”.

Read more about Edward Honig:

When Conversion Rates Matter

Multivariate testing can be described as the process where all the possibilities are tried to determine the best combination. It is in effect the process of looking at all the possible combinations to arrive at the conclusion as to which combination is the better one. In the world of websites and apps, they consist of several different elements which can be changed around. An example would the photos or a headline. There are several combinations in which these can be presented. And some will be better than others. The trick is to find the best combination, which is when multi-variant testing can be done through Sentient AI.


Sentient AI Multivariate-testing is one of the best when it comes to distributed artificial intelligence technology. It is one of the first products to use artificial intelligence for conversion rate optimization. Which is a great tool for marketers who need to know about Multivariate testing for online marketing and also done in a quick way. In fact, it is so fast that marketers are able to compress years of testing and reduce it into just a few months. In a nutshell, marketers can test all possible combinations at the same time instead of only a few at a time.


Anyone who knows about testing different combinations in marketing will know that this technology from Sentient is a revolution of sorts. On top of all this, companies are saving money in the process by being able to test any changes that may happen across the entire sales funnel. So what does all this mean to the bottom line of a company that uses this technology?


The biggest advantage is that conversion rates will go up. After all, there is no use for a website if people do not buy and instead only browse. Therefore, Sentient AI Multivariate testing is helping with conversion rate optimization. Up until this technology was available, marketers were stuck with testing two different websites in a process known as A/B testing. The problem with A/B testing is that they can only test one idea at a time and it needs a large amount of traffic to get any useful data. However, with Sentient AI the days of waiting and watching are now gone forever.