Top 5 Most Beautiful Churches in Minnesota

Some of the pristine houses of worship in the United States are found in Minnesota. These structures are lovely, and their designs range from historical to modern structures. Some of these beautiful churches include:

1. Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church

This building is endowed with central steeple and pointed spires. This church was constructed in 1916 and was once the second tallest structure in Minneapolis. Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church has a unique English Rural Gothic architecture.

2. Church of St. Mary’s

This church is situated on a hilltop in New Tier and was built in 1909. The Church of St. Mary’s is considered a historic structure and has a French Beaux-Arts style architecture.

3. St. Andrew’s Church, St. Paul

This building currently serves as an arts academy. Its design is considered as Spanish Mission Revival.

4. Assumption Chapel-Grasshopper Chapel

This building was reconstructed in 1951 after a serious tornado destroyed it.

5. Episcopal Church of Our Savior

This building was developed in 1903 and has Gothic and Tudor like features. The architect behind this historical masterpiece is John Sutcliffe.

About Bishop Williams and Mighty Fortress International Church

Bishop Williams is an evangelist and the founder of Mighty Fortress International Church. He has been a minister of the word of God for the last three decades. Bishop Williams is a pastor who commands so much respect from the congregation he serves. His favorite sermons revolve around the applicability of treasures. He believes that following the word of God would bring an end to a broad range of problems, such as poverty, sin, racism, diseases, moral decay, sickness, and rebellion against God.

Bishop Williams is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Centre and the North Central University. This man of God also has a master’s degree in organizational leadership. Bishop Williams is a family man, and he is married to Sabrina R. Grant, and together they have three children.

Mighty Fortress International Ministries is a multidimensional and multifaceted ministry. It also conducts outreach activities and runs numerous support groups. This house of worship is known for its revelatory teaching, instructional preaching, and an authentic style of worship. Bishop Williams is one of the people who has fully dedicated their lives to God and the ministry.

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