New And Colorful Lime Crime!

Lime Crime is still the leader of color in the makeup/hair world. Unicorn Hair Semi-permanent Fantasy hair color has arrived. They have released eight new shades of hair color, available in full coverage color and temporary color. They are:

* Moonchild – Pastel lavender tint

* Cloud – Periwinkle blue tint

* Kawaii – Baby violet tint

* Mint Ice – Frosted mint tint

* Tweet – Chick yellow tint

* Valentine – Crimson red full coverage

* Bubblegum Rose – Warm rose pink full coverage

* Aesthetic – Mauve full coverage

These colors are meant to be used by beginners and professionals. The dye is very easy to use and leaves hair feeling smooth with a nice scent, no harsh chemical smells here. It is also conditioning the hair while giving it color. They give everyone a chance to show their individuality and creativity. Unicorn Hair hopes to provide vibrant and saturated colors before fading in a natural and organic way.

The company is vegan and cruelty free. They are certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny as being vegan and cruelty free. They use vegetable dyes that are natural and does not damage your hair. The Unicorn Hair dye does not contain any harsh chemicals or bleach! They originally released thirteen shades and they now have over 21 shades in the hair dye collection and are looking to add more creative shades.

Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime, says that she is excited to see what her unicorns can do with all the new colors available to them. She has tried to create shades that she would wear herself. She hopes it helps everyone release their self expression by being able to combine different colors to create unique and interesting style combinations. A hair dyers dream come true.

You can follow Lime Crime on their website.


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