James Dondero revolutionizing the financial industry

James Dondero has become one of Texas’ leading wealthiest residents. Jim Dondero specializes in investing, starting out investing in collateralized loan obligations, which he turned into a massive $15 billion powerhouse, later to be known as Highland Capital Management, which he founded in 1993. James Dondero has made some risky calls on industries such as American Airlines to nations like Argentina. Dondero even made money on a bankrupt Texas energy company, that cost Warren Buffett money.

James Dondero is not your average Texas based big shot. He identified as an INTP on the Myers-Briggs personality test. He’s been identified as a introvert and thinker. James Dondero rarely talks about himself. The 54-year-old is one of Texas’ leading portfolio managers. He has become a natural “puzzle solver.” He can work through complex corporate debt deals, identify emerging trends and turnarounds.

James Dondero’s Highland Management provides mutual fund investors cheap access to some of the top investment ideas provided through James Dondero. The fund started by James Dondero is currently at the $894 million and is continuing to grow. The fund only holds 200 securities ranging from a dozen companies from the same sector. Some of the companies include Vistra Energy and partnerships and deals with Argentina. James Dondero’s portfolio has produced some strong performance swings and has been ranked at the top in 2014 and is currently at the top.

James Dondero was born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey. James Dondero earned a degree in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. Just five years after graduating, James Dondero was managing $1 billion in assets for American Express. Dondero launched Highland Capital Management with his partner mark Okada. James Dondero relocated the firm from Los Angeles to Dallas, Texas. James Dondero and his firm became interested in Argentina in 2012, when the country began facing a debt crisis. James Dondero is very passionate about philanthropy and has supported many nonprofits including Reasoning Mind, which creates tech driven math courses for those in pre-kindergarten through seventh grade. James Dondero was also a major factor in the Dallas Zoo bringing back their beloved hippos.

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