Why Talos Energy Shines in the Energy Business

Talos Energy is a private company dealing with acquisition and exploitation of gases and oil in Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. The Company started in 2011 by Tim Duncan and other partners with capital worth $600 million received from equity. The Firm has its headquarters in Huston, with Duncan operating as the president and the CEO of the enterprise. Talos Energy has worked in collaboration with affiliates belonging to Apollo Global Management and River stone holding which supported them since 2012 by providing them with equity despite having a financial crisis.
Although Talos started small, WorkplaceDynamics named it to be the best among the small businesses. The CEO Duncan said the success is out of hard work. The private company enjoys its leadership that allows any employee with an idea to come out and present it thus its sudden growth. The company acquired a subsidiary from Helix Energy Solution at $20 million performing excellently in the market. Talos has also done exceptionally well since buying the Energy Resource Technology by showing excellent performance in Wang exploitation. The Wang exploitation was 100 feet deep with massive amounts of crude oil. From the exploration, Talos gets a high amount of cash flowing; oil weighted assets and talented professional who work together for the expansion of the firm. With the current position of winning a contract in the Mexican energy business alongside other two partners, Talos hopes in building E&P Firm in Mexico.
Talos and two more companies based in London have set a record in history to be the first private companies to explore in the Mexican Waters since 1938.The Petroleos Mexicanos Company has for more than 80 years monopolized the oil industry services in the country until 2015 when Mexico allowed private firms into the business. Talos Energy LLC acts as the operator of the Zama-1 well and has 35% of shares in the project. Other companies include Premier Oil Plc which has shares worth25% and Mexico Sierra oil & Gas which has 40% shares. The Well which started on May 21 in the Sureste basin will incur the three companies $16 million and 90 days to complete and is estimated to produce 100 to 600 million barrels of crude oil. Elaine Reynolds, one of the research analysts in London said that the project shows a lot of success due to its structure in the basin.

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