Technology and the future from the perspective of JASON HOPE

Jason Hope is a man who wears many hats but most prominent is his input into the world of technology. He is an outstanding contributor and believer of the Internet Of Things (IoT)and generally how technology affects our lives today and tomorrow. The article, Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things underlines Jason Hope’s believe in the Internet of Things, observing that large global corporations will probably be investing heavily in it over the next couple of years. Agreeably, virtually all sectors in world are making and embracing mega technological developments presented by the Internet of Things, thus affecting organizations’ general mode of operation now and in the future

Jason foresees a future when smart technology will be the only way to make life easier and more comfortable while eliminating a lot of waste in between. According to Jason, tasks such as coffee fixing are likely to be embedded into the technological living for the future man and become part of daily routine.

Jason is a holder of a finance degree from the Arizona State University and has an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. He is well known for his philanthropy and community support. He donated to the SENS Foundation $500 000 to aid in research work for age-related diseases observing that SENS is indeed making effort to ensure that humanity lives a longer more fulfilling life.

The Scottsdale-based entrepreneur is a futurist who believes in support for education systems and continuous research especially in the prevention of diseases. He is openly excited about the future of technology citing the development of gadgets able to adjust lighting and room temperature or monitor fitness and biometrics, such as the Under Armour Gemini 2 shoes, as just drops of a great technological future. Through his Mobile Technology company, Jason has developed several applications, software and gaming platforms to great success.

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