Join the Cloud with NuoDB

NuoDB: Introduces exciting new technology, the Elastic SQL Database

NuoDB features exceptional customer service from dedicated employees who will deliver the best available database. This database will command your business and support your cloud programs for your business.

Mixing What Matters

The database that NUODB promises to deliver is intellectually superior to its competing counterparts. The main goal is to zero in on an individual goal, which into having a database that will adapt to change.
NuoDB has extensive connections in the database creation, providing the necessary tool for cloud based applications.

Have the functionality of a classic SQL database be the flexibility of an elasticĀ SQL database.

NuoDB continues to mesh together simple, flexible and convenient cloud application. These applications are often referred to as hybrid applications.

About the Founders

Jim Starkey, a database architect and inventor first got the idea for NuoDB in 2008. Two years later in 2010, he partnered with Barry Morris who is a well sought after software executive and the company was officially born.

Investors who support the company include; Dassault Systems and Robert Sippl, the former CEO of Informix. With legendary executives backing the company, customers can be reassured that the brightest and the best are working on the innovative elastic SQL.

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