Talos Energy and Mexico Oil Reform

According to the article release on https://www.workboat.com, it is the first time a private company set up a new offshore well in the Mexican waters after 80 years. It is the latest step that has been taken by Mexico to allow foreign companies back to its energy markets. The drilling of the well was a joint venture between three companies, which are Talos Energy LLC, Premier Oil PLC, and Sierra Oil & Gas.
Also, the Zama-1 well, which is located in the Sureste Basin of Tobasco State holds crude oil estimated to be 500 million barrels. The drilling process is estimated to take 90 days upon completion. The cost of drilling is also approximated to be $16 million. The companies won the prospective rights to the project in 2015. This happened after Mexico accepted to open the ailing oil industries to private investors. Furthermore, the structure of Sureste Basin has high geological chances for success. This opportunity was realized when Mexico was experiencing some implications in its energy markets. In that case, Zama will be one of the most interesting oil wells in Mexico.
About Talos Energy
Talos Energy is a gas and oil firm focused on offshore exploration and production. It has a team of experts who have experience in acquiring assets around Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico regions. The technical and management teams of Talos Energy has spent most of their careers in the lower Gulf of Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico region. The technical teams operate with high emphasis when it comes asset exploitation, exploration, and optimization.
Talos Energy understands that oil and gas are the fundamental source of energy and will continue to be so for the next generation to come. The company is committed to innovative solutions when it comes to exploration and production of valuable resources. Talos Energy is strategically planning to acquire, explore, and exploit the Gulf Coast region and the Gulf of Mexico by using a sizable seismic database. The operations of Talos Energy are also aided by deep geological and geophysical experience and proprietary reprocessing techniques.

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