Class Dojo Helps Students Create Positive And Creative Classrooms

ClassDojo has recently formed a partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Their new curriculum will be released in the United States and throughout the world. Approximately ninety percent of elementary and middle schools in the United States are already using Class Dojo and their learning materials are available in 35 languages.


Recent studies have shown students need help controlling their stress levels. Many students have become depressed and are having difficulties functioning. Surveys also revealed that college students suffer from higher levels of stress than their parents. Class Dojo is helping students deal with their emotions and stress in a positive manner.


Class Dojo gives students, parents and teachers the ability to create amazing classrooms. They are transforming education by forming a connection in every classroom between the students, parents and teachers. They introduce the best possible ideas into their classrooms.


Class Dojo does not believe an ideal classroom can incorporate the old one size fits all method. They believe the power to create the desired classroom rests with the combination of efforts by the kids, the teachers and the parents. Class Dojo feels by giving everyone a simplified way to do what is right wonderful things will happen. They are building incredible classrooms that take into account every single student.


Class Dojo has found the key to transforming education. By providing all parties involved with the tools they require they are achieving success. They are creating classrooms that are exactly what the students require to succeed in life.

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