Christopher Burch’s Take on the History and Future of Technology and Fashion.

Christopher Burch is a distinguished entrepreneur and an active investor in many sectors. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital is well seasoned in various industries with over three decades of experience. In a recent article on his take on the relationship between fashion and industry Burch had great views.


Burch acknowledges the many changes that have shaped both the fashion and technology industries over the years. Their growth has, however, been remarkably intertwined to make growth in one a complement to the other. Due to this, what is fashionable over time becomes technologically fashionable, and technology also becomes fashionable. A short look into the industry’s remarkable journey gives an insight of what lies in the future of the two industries.


The 70s saw the Boombox bring a thrilling experience due to its ability to carry around favorite tunes as well as stations. Its story was through the 80’s incorporated to movie storylines adding to the popularity of carrying one. In the 90’s a more personal experience of music was created by the invention of the Walkman, which also became wildly popular. With the most recent invention of the iPod, the music experience has become even more versatile and comprehensive. This shows that technology garners popularity depending on what people will consider fashionable.



Currently, there has been a notable synthesis of the fashion and technology sectors. We are at an age which has seen fashion designers seek to develop creations that deliver, a possibility which they see in technology. This brings a higher level of innovation as well as functionality. There are remarkable fashion creations with the use of technology that may be used to improve safety. For example, Designers like Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have created a protective system for cyclists to wear around the neck. The system is fitted with an airbag that pops out of the neckwear to provide the head with protection from impact. This creation also improves the visibility of the surrounding when not opened. There are other creations such as the Frontline Gloves created by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan. This is design to enhance the communication of valuable information by firefighters through simple hand gestures.


Christopher Burch is reputed for his remarkable success in various sectors. With his ingenuity, Chris has contributed to the rise of various technology as well as luxury brands which are inclusive of Faena Hotel and Universe, Powermat, Nihiwatu Hotel, Poppin, Jawbone and Voss Water.


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