iPhone Hacks from Wengie!

The internet abounds with iPhone hack articles and videos but this one from Wengie is both cute and informative!


Wengie shows us how to get an incredible macro lens with your iPhone, to enable you to take very detailed pics of the tiniest detail. Next, how to make your own stylus with things laying around your house anyway. Perfect for those of us who are always losing our stylus.


Wengie then shows us how to make an armband to hold your phone while exercising. This takes maybe five minutes and is cute and easily matched to your workout clothing! Following this, a quick tutorial on easing all of that cord tangling going on at your desk because we all know what an annoyance that is! A lego man cord catcher is next, so that your newly neat cords won’t fall to the floor when unplugged.


Want a cool hologram? Wengie shows you how to make one that sits right on top of your iPhone camera! After that, you can make your iPhone in to a black light in three super easy steps.


Watching videos on our phone is something we all do, and Wengie shows us how to make a cute phone stand that doubles as speakers! And if that isn’t cool enough, she follows up by showing us how to make a projector for your iPhone! What a great way to have a movie night at home!


She ends the video with a cute lava lamp made with a few simple items and your iPhone flashlight. It looks great for some soothing mood lighting!


All of the DIY iPhone hacks were super creative and really easy to do and the video is short so it won’t take a lot of time out of your day.


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