How ClassDojo has Impacted Education Positively


Different inventions are popping up with the aim of bettering our lives. ClassDojo is a mobile application that allows interactions between teachers and parents concerning school life. Teachers can interact with parents on a regular basis through the app. The app allows sharing of information that includes pictures and videos. This article will look at how ClassDojo has impacted a positive change in the education sector.


About ClassDojo

Class Dojo was launched in June 2011 and has since been accepted positively by both teachers and parents across the United States. Sam Chaudhary, CEO, and Co-founder of ClassDojo has complimented the invention by saying that if what happens in the classrooms can also be shifted to show what happens outside the classroom, education would be bettered on a huge scale.


ClassDojo gives parents, teachers, and students the ability and power to create incredible classrooms. The app enables students to build social-emotional skills and at the same time creates an easy way for sharing what is happening during school days.


ClassDojo Monetization Plan

Having been received positively by both teachers and parents, ClassDojo is looking forward to monetizing the application. Yearly, schools are spending a lot of cash on curriculum and software that is delivered in huge boxes. The application will monetize through selling educational content but not through the selling of advertisements.


Below are some of the ways ClassDojo has impacted education in the US

  1. Constant teacher to parent communication

The application looks like a dark lavender Facebook where teachers can post photos and videos of how the class was, and parents can view the contents at their own free time. A notification is sent to the parents who have the application on their phone to notify them of the added content. Parents can like and also comment on the content posted by teachers.


  1. Parent are involved in what is happening at school

Through the app, parents get to know what is happening to their kids at school. Teachers can post notifications on dates to occasions happening at school. The app has lessened the work done by secretaries at schools of sending messages to all parents to students at schools. Through the app, parents are involved in the day to day school activities as they are involved in the annual parents-teachers conference.



ClassDojo is a critical application that should be embraced with open arms by the world as a whole. Impacting a positive change to the education sector will ultimately impact a positive change to a country’s future economy.

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