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New York Shared Office Space: More Than Just A Fad

People are hearing more about co-working spaces as the days go on. Some may think that co-working spaces are just a fad that will soon go away. However, given the contrast between co-working spaces and traditional workplaces, it is likely that co-working spaces are here to stay. Also, changes in the economy throughout recent years have forced some people to look for other ways to make money besides the traditional office. As a result, people have found themselves leaving the cubicle in order to find something that is more collaborative. People have gravitated to one of the many co-working spaces that have opened up around the world.

With the many issues that have brought a lot of misery towards people, they are looking for something that could inspire. For one thing, regular offices have done the opposite of that for the most part. People have a need to stimulate their own creativity and not have to be told what to think, and follow the established procedure. On top of that issue within the regular workforce, people are also having to deal with working long hours, waking up early, and a lot of negativity in the workplace because of the politics that they have to go through. With co-working spaces, workers get the opposite effect.

In contrast to the traditional workplace is coworking space Workville NYC. This is one of the co-working spaces that is filled with contingent workers, freelancers, solopreneurs as well as entrepreneurs and contractors. Given the wide variety of people that are working in co-working spaces, it is no wonder that people are more likely to relax and get things done in the co-working space as opposed to traditional workplaces where the only people that work there are employers and employees. There is also much less competition. As a result, people are working more in harmony with each other.

The reason that co-working spaces like Workville are actually not fads is because they have come as a result of a change in the climate. The economic has experienced a permanent change as many people have given up on looking for jobs and have sought instead to find other means of income which include starting their own business or working as a freelancer.

A Glimpse of the Future of Investment Banking

Five decades ago, investment banking sector was mostly composed of private partnerships specializing in certain market niches. Things slowly changed and investment banks began to transform into publicly traded ventures people now see today. The forces behind these transformations are once again shaping the investment banking industry. Trading is fast-shifting to hedge funds. Machines are taking over the back office jobs, and soon they will move to front office.
Funding and allocation are slowly becoming popular with huge asset managers and pension funds. Pressure on margins is increasing, and investment companies have abandoned offerings because of this. Also, the path to sustainable profits and other forms of double-digit returns are expected to undergo drastic changes. Some people even fear that the investment banks may shrink and pave the way for large-scale hedge funds.

Such changes will have a revolutionary impact on how people view and trade in investment banking industry. Leaders such as Martin Lustgarten also agree that the changes will create a new industry characterized by improved services.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin is an investment expert who lives in Miami, Florida. He is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Investment, a company that offers investment solutions to thousands of clients across the country. His in-depth knowledge of investment banking and possible prospects has made him a darling to many retirees who find it difficult to get an investment platform for their huge pensions. Before he came to the United States, he was a chief financial adviser in Venezuela, Hong Kong and Singapore. His dual citizenship has enabled him to expand his business territory in the US, Venezuela and Austria.

His impeccable performance has cemented his position as a top role model for upcoming investors. Even in his early 50s, he is still an iconic figure among young investors mainly because he started investing at a young age. His investment portfolios are widely recognized in the corporate hierarchy. Like any other human being, Martin finds time to break from his busy schedule to enjoy himself. He loves skating and collecting ancient forms of art. He is also a juggler and a watch trader.

Norka Luque Amazes the Latin Music Community with Her Unique Sound and Powerful Message of Hope

Norka Martinez Luque is an upcoming Venezuelan singer who has recently gained international fame through her unique voice and powerful messages of hope. Norka’s journey has not been smooth; she has gone through an uphill battle to find the success she currently enjoys.
Norka Luque (February 7th, 1986) was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Her love for music developed at an early age. She began participating in singing competitions during her time in high school. Norka took part in competitions like the “School Festival of Gaitas,” a Venezuelan folk music contest and “The Golden Voice.”

Norka has never stopped singing, and she has stayed connected to her passion from high school through to college. With the help of her parents, Norka moved to France to pursue higher education. While in France, she pursued a business course before landing a job in the banking sector in Monaco. Norka says that she constantly had music in her mind while studying in France. Her deep passion for becoming a professional singer saw her join a funk and rock band by the name “Bad Moon Rising.“ The experience she gained from the band played a great part in her current career as a soloist.

Norka later relocated to the United States despite the huge following she had already garnered in France. While in the U.S., she furthered her knowledge in fashion, culinary arts, and marketing. The beautiful singer soon channeled her efforts towards developing her singing career. Her fortunes changed when she met the popular musical producer Emilio Estefan Jr. Emilio was impressed upon hearing samples of her work. He agreed to work on her first album.

Emilio together with other heavyweights in the music industry worked on the album; which quickly became a success. Some of the professionals who worked on the album include the legendary Archie Peña, Gaitan Brothers, and Luigi Giraldo. “Como lo haces tú,” her first single off the album got a Best Pop Female Artist of the Year
Her second single dubbed “Milagro” was released in 2012. The song was produced in different arrangements including salsa, dance and an urban remix version. The salsa version held the top spot on Venezuelan charts for 14 weeks straight; the dance version (done in English) climbed to the 11th spot on the Dance Club Billboard while the urban remix version became a massive hit in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the United States. The urban remix incorporated some elements of reggae, Caribbean, and Mediterranean sounds.

Visit NorkaMusicOfficial to learn more about Norka Luque.

How Makari Promises Women Flawless, Youthful Skin and Why It Matters

Have you ever noticed that some people have perfect skin? There is surely some skepticism as to why their skin looks so perfect, including the idea that they must use a lot of makeup. However, plenty of women exude perfection from each individual pore simply because they take care of themselves from the inside out. Those who have perfect skin sustain a healthy lifestyle, which is something that few seem to forget. So, how do these beings achieve this flawless look?

They remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
They eat tons of fruits and vegetables, specifically those rich in antioxidants.
They moisturize, exfoliate, and cleanse their faces daily.
They refrain from too many products.
Ensuring to avoid excessive heat exposure greatly contributes to perfect skin.
Those with great skin eliminate the possibility for bacteria to destroy their complexions. Aside from eating diets that prevent them from getting sick, they routinely deep cleanse their makeup brushes and regularly replace their products.

In addition to the above mentioned, those with great skin often use whitening products, like those found at Makari. In no way do these products attempt to alter the pigment of one’s skin, but they free the pores from impurities, toxins, and blockages that are preventing the skin from glowing in a way that radiates youth, health, and vigor.

Makari is a reputable skin care line that stands out among their competitors. With whitening products such as beautifying milk and whitening antiseptic soap, this cosmetic line understands what it takes to deliver women the complexion they were once only able to dream about. An emphasis is placed on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while simultaneously using these products, which is an encouragement that not only improves the appearance of women but their way of life as well. Makari has undoubtedly planted their roots in the skin care industry and they have done so with dignity, honesty, and formulas that have proven time and time again to work.

Prep Your Lips for Fall’s Intense Hues

Dark, bold and matte lip shades are all the rage this fall. Inspired by the likes of Kylie Jenner, the look the season is seriously intense lips. To ensure your lips are this season’s best accessory proper preparation is essential for flawless application. Evolution of Smooth lip balm is a perfect way to moisturize before applying a matte or liquid lipstick.

Vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil leave lips smooth and never greasy. Lips are left beautifully soft and ready for even the boldest hues thanks to natural conditioning oils. Organic ingredients deliver a natural cushioning layer to combat the dryness that often occurs when wearing a matte lip color.

Looking to add another dimension to your lip color? Try out Evolution of Smooth’ Shimmer Lip Balm in Sheer Pink on top of your favorite fall lip product. This sheer balm will deliver a just touch of color and shimmer to offset and transform the deepest fall hues. Check out their products on and

Each Evolution of Smooth lip balm sphere makes a colorful fashion statement of its own. Available in a variety of flavors, scents, and colors, these cute and fashionable lip balms are convenient to pop your purse to freshen up on the go. See,


What Sleepovers Are Really Like

When you have a sleepover with friends, you might think that it will be all fun and games, but there are a few things that you might not expect from a sleepover.

Your ideal situation is talking to all of your girlfriends about private moments and events taking place in life, Wengie said. It’s a time when you can learn about the latest gossip in school as well. The reality is that when one person starts talking, the other people in the room usually knows what’s going on because it’s been posted on social media. The rest of the night seems to end up awkward as there’s nothing else to talk about.

When you’re watching a chick flick, you probably expect to cry with each other and talk about what the people in the movie should do as if it were your life. The reality is that you will probably eat a lot of food and talk about the flaws of some of the actors that are seen in the movies.

Cooking is a fun thing to do at a sleepover. You can make cookies, cupcakes and other treats together. While you might want to keep everything in the kitchen clean, it usually doesn’t end up that way, and you might burn a few foods as well.