Adam Goldenberg Has Been a Busy Entrepreneur Since His Teen Years

Adam Goldenberg is a famed entrepreneur from the United States. He’s one of the founders of JustFab, Inc. JustFab’s other founder is Don Ressler. It’s an Internet fashion store that focuses on subscription services. People rely on JustFab for everything from denim and footwear to dresses and jewelry. The company used to be known as “Justfabulous.” It launched back in March of 2010.

Adam Goldenberg created a company of his own when he was merely a teenager. This company was called Gamers Alliance. He was just 15 years in age when this company was established. He had Gamers Alliance for three years. He sold it after that time period to Intermix Media, the firm that ran popular social networking website MySpace. This sale took place in 1999. Goldenberg at that point left his high school studies. He relocated and became part of Intermix Media’s staff on He took a position as the company’s Strategic Planning Vice President. When Goldenberg was 20 years old, he became Chief Operating Officer.

Goldenberg first encountered Ressler while he was working for Intermix Media. Ressler was a brand building expert who had a strong entrepreneurial focus. Intermix Media bought a company from Ressler in 2001. This company was called Ressler’s hard work brought in sales of more than $1 billion.

It didn’t take long at all for Adam Goldenberg and Ressler to develop a strong friendship. News Corporation bought Intermix Media. Goldenberg and Ressler took the opportunity to begin a brand new company as a team. They made Intelligent Beauty in 2006. Intelligent Beauty focused on e-commerce brands.

Goldenberg stays busy with JustFab these days. The same goes for Ressler. JustFab has grown significantly over the past several years. The company has more than 35 million subscribers in locations all around the planet. It currently has customers in nations such as the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. There are various other brands that are run by JustFab, too. These brands include ShoeDazzle, Fabletics and FabKids. Fabletics is a popular brand that concentrates on clothing that’s both sporty and athletic. Celebrated Hollywood actress Kate Hudson works with Goldenberg and Ressler on Fabletics. It’s now a big name among individuals who are passionate about high-quality activewear. Source:

Goldenberg spends a lot of time working on JustFab and his other projects. When he has a bit of spare time, he likes to be around family. He likes to snowboard, too.

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