My Dog Will Never Go Back After Trying Beneful!

I’ve been searching for quite some time now for a new, healthy dog food alternative since balancing my budget left me spending far too much money per month on feeding my dog; however, I love my dog as if he were my own child, so I couldn’t justify buying him some no name bargain brand dog food comprised mostly of filler, synthetic and overall unhealthy ingredients such as ash. I needed a new option and searching around online on quickly led me to my new permanent dog food.

I bought the first bag of Beneful “Originals: Real Beef” because I was utterly and completed astounded by the low price point. After I bought it, my dog fell just as much in love with the food as I had with the price. The “real beef” product is always made with real, authentic, natural beef, real peas, real spinach, and real carrots. I was amazed by the packaging, the overall presentation, then by the smell of the food. It smelled exactly like what the food is made with, then again I was amazed because of how little I paid for it.
Due to the low price of Beneful products on Wal-Mart groceries, I decided to pick up a few different bags of their food and treats. I ended up opting mostly for dry food because of my dog’s personal preference. I got a second bag of the “Originals: Real Beef”, a bag of the “Originals: Real Chicken”, and a bag of the “Originals: Real Salmon”. The entire essence of the Beneful brand is to impress through quality rather than through the alteration of values and advertising “half truths”. I was beyond impressed with all of the dry foods and my dog has grown to anticipate his meals since I made the switch to Beneful, in fact, he refuses to eat any other brand at this point; however, I have no complaints because Beneful is a great deal.
Beneful produces wet foods ( in two product lines: “Incredibites” and “Chopped Blends”. Each is made with a choice of meat from: beef, chicken, salmon and turkey. But the amazement sinks in when the package shows that the food is made with fresh tomatoes, carrots, wild rice, peas, barley, spinach and a vast array of healthy ingredients. My one and only dog food and treat brand is Beneful now and the future.



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