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CCMP Capital’s Great Leader

In 2006 Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, a Private Equity firm was established. Before becoming CCMP Capital, it was referred to as JP Morgan Chase and it was meant to continue with the successful investment strategy that the firm’s predecessors developed and implemented. Their advisors, LLC, have invested an amount of not less that sixteen billion dollars since its inception in 1984. The investment has been in buyout and equity transactions. CCMP Capital has its headquarters in New York City.

CCMP Capital has a competitive advantage over other Private Equity Firms due to its proprietary operating resources as well as industry expertise. Using this combined strength, the firm invests in numerous profitable fields including the energy sector, healthcare, industrial sector, consumer industries and retail industries.

The firm has over the years spread their wings to global scale. This is proven by the fact that they have managed portfolios of huge companies in the United States as well as North America. The firm has obtained a spectacular resume from its worker’s professionalism and team work. Therefore, the management portfolio team works together to help companies make thorough and informed decisions about their investments. The consequent result is that the companies are able to reach their set goals. Their advices involve on the place to invest whether domestically or internationally and the funds needed for purchase. The firm also examines the performance of investments so as to advice on the best way to balance risks.

CCMP Capital owes a good percentage of its success to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital who joined the firm since 1989. At that time, he was the head of the buy-out business in JP Morgan and he held this position until the completion of the spin-off in 2006. After the spin-off of JP Morgan Partners, he founded CCMP Capital where he was later appointed as the CEO. He has been able to be a positive component of the firm owing to the fact that he graduated with a B.A from Boston College in addition to an MBA from Columbia Business School. This is proven by the fact that CCMP Capital made two more multibillion dollar funds with him as the CEO. His exceptional leadership skills were also witnessed in other areas. He served on several platforms on the Board of Directors. These include AMC Entertainment, Ararmark and Pinnacle Foods. His death in March 2015 was a great loss to the CCMP Capital family. May he rest in peace.

Beneful Dog Food: A Great Choice of Food for Your Pet

Do you want to give your dog the benefit of eating a healthy and balanced nutritious meal. If you said “Yes” then your choice of food for your pet starts with Purinastore Beneful Dog Food. For sure, every dog owner want the best for their dog and the best includes serving your pet a good helping of great food. Therefore, there is no doubt about it, serving your pet a good bowl of food starts with finding the right brand that offers your dog the best nutritious meal on the market.

The best starts with giving your dog the benefit of eating a healthy and nutritious meal and Beneful Dog Food is not only the right choice, but it should be your first and only choice.

Beneful is made with great ingredients that will stimulate your dogs mouth with savoring taste that is lasting and filling your pet stomach with real meat and vitamin rich vegetables.

Beneful comes in a variety. The variety includes 8 varieties of dry dog food, 20 varieties of wet dog food, and 11 varieties of dog treats.

Purina is committed to making great quality of products. In addition Purina is committed to serve your dog the best food that will help your dog thrive and grow to be strong and healthy.

Make the choice and choose the best, Beneful Dog food that offers your dog the very best nutritious meals in a variety of delicious flavors which leave your dog feeling full and very satisfied. Beneful Dog food a great choice of food for your pet.


The Importance of Reputation Management

In the Internet age, with just a simple online search anybody can have access to detailed information about any person and everything. If a negative comment or review shows up online, about your personal profile or your company you need to have it removed or suppressed. That’s here reputation management comes in.

At its most basic, reputation management entails monitoring the Internet for each new mentions of a person, company, service, corporation, or product. Negative reviews are addressed in a number of ways, ranging from trying to get undesirable content disposed of to publicizing favorable content so that the bad content drops in search rankings.

To find out what Internet surfers see when they perform a search for your name or your business, hiring online reputation management service is extremely essential. Unfortunately, not many people do not have a good understanding of how their online profile can affect their personal lives or their business.

If you want to protect your personal or business profile from derogatory reviews, or if you are trying to maintain an impressive image of your company, it is very important that you contact a Reputation Management firm for assistance in public relations. You don’t just choose any reputation management firm you see out there. It is imperative that you choose a company that has an established history of providing top quality online reputation management services.

Reputation management service include the creation of websites, press releases, syndicated articles, social media assets, and much more. Status Labs is well known for rendering top notch service that meets the needs of clients. In addition to reputation management service, these companies offer a wealth of web services and digital marketing services.

Status Labs is a specialist reputation management firm working that caters to both companies and individuals, to help them with suppression or removal of negative information. Status Labs has provided restoration of online reputation for many years and has highly knowldgeable professionals who are experts in social media promotion and managing online reviews. They can suppress and challenge content from search results, using various strategies to help clients build an impressive presence online.

Their list of successful clients include high-profile individuals, business owners, executives, professionals, celebrities, entrepreneurs, companies, corporations and organizations of all sizes, all with ironclad confidentiality.

Top Brazilian Investment Banker Igor Cornelsen

Stock markets and banks around the world are often high complex. While the most well known of all stocks markets may that of the New York Stock Exchange and the many banks that rely on it, many other stock markets and banks exist around the world as well. Such stock markets and banks can offer important and varied opportunities but may also carry pitfalls to those who are not sure where to begin to invest in such places. One of the most important of all the world’s markets is that of Brazil. This fifth largest nation is a place that has seen a great deal of economic growth in the last few years as investors have found it to be a highly useful place to park their funds in search of potential growth in both the long-term and the short-term.

Someone who fully knows about the ways that the market here can yield impressive results is that of highly successful Brazilian banker Igor Cornelsen. Cornelsen is one of the leading investors on flicr and in the region where his skills in spotting potential investments have proven quite useful to many investors who rely on him for advice. His work here has focused on multiple aspects of the banking market in the region and the many ways that the banking industry can help drive growth and fuel the national Brazilian economy. Igor knows this region and industry very well having grown up here.

The Brazilian banking markets are markets that have been quite useful for many people over the years. During this time, there has been a tremendous amount of growth in this part of the world and a correspondingly tremendous amount of growth in the Brazilian banking industry at the same time. The banking industry has been heavily involved in many kinds of financing deals of all kinds. They know that the have to serve the needs of those living in Brazil as well as those who wish to be involved in any kind of investment in this region.

Igor Cornelsen knows that the banking industry is one of the keys to the local investment scene in this part of the world. His awareness of this fact has led him to be able to demonstrate to others the best way to do the same. Many have been able to find what they need from his assistance as they have chosen to work him and chosen to focus on the banking industry in this part of the world. He knows the industry well and knows how best to get ideal results from it. This has made his advice important for anyone who is going to work with the Brazilian banking industry in some way.

Soros says fear mongering is helping ISIS

Billionaire financier George Soros said in a recent article on the Politico website, that Americans should resist “the siren song” of fear being pushed by Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Soros said terrorists groups like ISIS want people to be afraid, and as Trump and Cruz push that fear, they are playing into the hands of the terrorists. He urged Americans to not listen to their fear mongering in the article.

In an essay on his own website, Soros said terrorist groups have discovered that fear works, especially on western culture. He said his fear leads people to not think with reason. He said scientific studies have shown that fear leads us all to think and act irrationally, and he added that Trump’s pandering to the masses just ads to that fear. He said in the past fear of Communism and nuclear war had much the same effect on societies at large.

George Soros said terrorists like ISIS want to convince Muslim people that there is no alternative to terrorism, and that the Western world hates them. This is how they recruit among Muslim youth. Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from America only makes that recruiting easier.

So the irrational fear being pushed by Trump creates resentment toward Muslims in general, not just the few Muslims who are terrorists. That also creates resentment among Muslims, and when ISIS comes recruiting, it makes the message easier to listen to.

Soros said pandering fear, and abandoning our principles, is not the best way to fight terrorism. He said he felt the same things when he watched the last Republican debate, the temptation to feel fear. He noted that it is ironic that Republicans are wanting to follow the wishes of their enemies, which is doing what ISIS wants them to do, instead of thinking rationally and finding a real solution.

Soros said the world should be seeking a better solution to terrorism, than just being afraid and reacting in fear and anger. He did not have an answer or solution in mind, but he thinks the world should seek one instead of just living in fear.

He added that ISIS itself is not as strong as people like Trump want to make its sound. Soros said ISIS is operating from weakness while it spreads fear around the world. It does not have the capability of making a real war against anyone, and is losing ground to the Syrian and Iraqi armies that are taking back land it lost to the terrorists.

He said the Syrian conflict has created the recent migration problem in Europe, but making all refugees out to be terrorists is not rational and is not helpful either.