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George Soros Asserts that Chancellor Merkel is Important in Finding Solution to the Migrant Problem

In an interview with FX Street, George Soros warned that the EU is on the verge of collapse. He offered his insightful views on the matter that is haunting policy makers and politicians. Additionally, Soros talked about the Greece crisis and gave reasons as to why investors no longer consider it interesting. He spoke comprehensively on the migrant crisis as well as the lack of proper policy to address the issue. Soros also talked about Brexit noting how the EU will be weaker with the departure of Britain. On the Ukraine situation, Soros warned the EU not to repeat the mistakes made by Greece.
In the case of Greece, George Soros feels that the issue was not handled right by explaining how the crisis deepened over the years. The national debt became unmanageable from the high interest rates instituted by the EU led by Germany. Soros considers the conflict in Syria to be the cause of the migrant problem. He agrees with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, that the problem would destroy the EU. According to Soros, the leadership has to accept the responsibility and liability of being the power in Europe in addition to establishing a proper asylum policy.
Soros does not support the exit of Britain from the EU because the interests of both entities would suffer both economically and politically. On the Ukraine issue, Soros feels that now is the right time to provide additional financial aid to the country. This aid will facilitate radical reforms that attract investors. Soros also adds that Europe cannot fail to offer the required assistance and allow the financial situation to get worse after showing signs of improvements. This information was highlighted on Fxstreet as posited in the link below
He suggests that the EU needs fixing in order to avoid a collapse as foreseen by Merkel. According to him, the Germans need to make a choice now that the prediction is slowly turning to reality. His warnings on the eminent collapse of the EU came as Alex Stubb, Finland’s Finance Minster, told CNBC that the open policy on migrants adopted by Germany was humane. He also added that it was the right thing to do at the moment.
According to Stubb, the important issue is that one of the basic freedoms of the EU is that free movement is under threat. He denied the idea that the free passage of EU citizens through its members pose as a security threat to Europe. In the interview with CNBC, Stubb noted that parallels between terrorism and refugee crisis should not be drawn. This information was mentioned on CNBC as explained in the following link
Soros serves as the founder and chair of Soros Fund Management as well as the Open Society Foundation. He is a survivor of the Nazi occupation in Hungary during the World War II. Soros fled to England in 1947. He graduated from the London School of Economics before settling in the United States where he made a great fortune through his hedge firm. For over 34 years, Soros has been active in philanthropy. Currently, he works with his Open Society Foundation to promote transparency and human rights across 100 countries in the world. This information was reported on as elaborated in the following link

Advances in Data Analytical Tool Put Securus on Top

Get the better and more advanced services with Securus Technologies
Dallas, Jan 14, 2016: Securus Technologies, the top technology solution provider specializing in the public protection, illegal integrity, civic righteousness, inmate communication monitoring, inmate well-being, and corrections, today has declared that it has advanced the big data technology, the company’s data analytical tool.

Securus Technologies has fully redesigned, advanced, and integrated the big data tool, patenting their progress. While doing so, the company has utilized the modern web technologies, as it has upgraded the software to HTML5. Kelly Solid, the General Manager of Business Management for Securus Technologies, said, “The company, in a short time, has developed and patented a technology tool that needs minimum training, but the software can offer focused leads as well as actionable intelligence to the investigators.” That’s the absolute truth.

The technological advancement would allow the company to create integration between different Securus products like their inmate phone calls monitoring system and the video visitation technology. Solid said, “The new system would help investigators in using a more proactive approach efficiently and effectively. That approach will assist them with their inquiries.”

The purpose of advancing big data technology is to offer the better services and to enhance the user experience. The redesign would assist the company in providing the better services to its customers. This change would result in better system performance, easier website navigation, and quicker website page loading.

Solid said, “We updated the user interface, removed the needless system arrangements, and improved loading of website pages, website navigation, and the search function. And the result is better system performance as well as value-added user experience.”

In short, the updated software would help the company in offering the modern technology solutions for its customers. Meanwhile, the software would assist in enhancing the user experience with Securus website: . For instance, the users now enjoy the instant page loading, easy site navigation, and quick online customer service on the website.