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Handy Has Many Professional Workers To Complete Many Home Services

Although there are many services that clean homes, services that go beyond just cleaning a home are ones that are in high demand, such as Homejoy Inc. Even though Homejoy Inc. knew the type of business they were getting into and expected it to be successful, they lost out because they are now filing for bankruptcy, despite getting $38 million in funding for their startup. Homejoy Inc. announced in the recent past that they would be closing their business, but filing for bankruptcy has finalized everything. Unfortunately, Homejoy Inc. suffered from some of the rules and regulations in the countries that they established their business, which required them to consider their workers as employees. Although Homejoy Inc. has gone under, businesses like Handy have thrived.

The reason why Handy has become so successful compared to Homejoy Inc. is because of the fact that they do many different services, other than cleaning. Persons who need their homes painted, furniture assembled, vacuuming, cleaning, and repair services can call Handy and schedule the services to be completed as soon as the very next day. With on-demand services that are located in many different cities, it’s no wonder why Handy is doing so well. Handy also works with only the best and most professional workers, meaning that the customers will benefit knowing that they have someone who is certified to do the work they are paid for.

It’s possible to do a consultation before having any work performed in the home, and all the person needs to do is go to the Handy’s Facebook to get additional information. Once the work is scheduled, then the person scheduling the work will know when the workers are coming, what kind of work will be done, and how much the work will cost. Those who choose to work with Handy will get the best possible services as well as the best workers, so they’ll know that everything they want to have completed will be done to the best of the workers’ ability. With competitive prices and excellent service, Handy is pushing forward as one of the best home service companies out there today.

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Sam Tabar is an Exceptional Financial Strategist

Sam Tabar lives in New York City and is a well-known and leading attorney and has held many high profile jobs as a capital strategist, all of which listed on LinkedIn. Sam studied at Oxford University and graduated from there with honors. He had always held a passion for the law, so enrolled at Columbia University as a law student when he left Oxford. He began to professionally practice law after he graduated from Columbia.

Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom a very prestigious law firm hired Sam directly after he graduated from Columbia. He was able to use his judgement and ability to think quickly, as well as his background in business law to advice clients on the formation of hedge funds while with them. He was able to structure the funds, set up agreements on investment management, advice clients on corporate compliance and provide them with information on business regulations. Sam was really good at his job; however, he began to realize what he really wanted to be involved in was finance.

Sam resigned from Skadden and joined, PMA Investment Advisors in Hong Kong. PMA Investment retained him as legal counsel for several months before giving him the position of Managing Director of Business Development. CrunchBase shows pretty clearly that this position suited Sam’s strengths and experience as he was relations director of a $2 billion hedge fund. His job entailed all the work regarding the promotion of the hedge fund as well as managing relations with the investors.

The challenges of this position were big as Sam had to monitor over 2,000 investors and personally ensure they were kept interested in the investments. He performed this well and was able to collect more than 1.2 billion more in funds. Sam stayed with PMA for about six years and then moved to Bank of America Merrill Lynch in East Asia and the Pacific Islands in 2011.

At Bank of America, Sam continued with the type of work he does best– investor relations regarding strategies for hedge funds. He was able to add 1,250 more names to his accumulated list of investors that he would be able to appeal to for capital investments.

Sam left Bank of America in 2012 and moved on to be Director of Adanac. They are an investment firm that provides funds for start-ups and buys real estate. He went from there to Senior Associate for Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in New York.  You can find more info in Sam’s bio on

The New Tipping Feature of Handy is Great

Handy has announced that a tipping feature will be added to their application. Tipping has been conducted through the transfer of cash and change in the past, but many cleaners end up going home without a tip because it is difficult to align the schedule of a cleaner and a home owner to make it so they will be there at the same time. Many cleaners prefer that nobody is inside the home when they clean, so leaving tips has been hard. Handy has changed this, fortunately.

People who work for Handy already make around eighteen dollars an hour before Handy takes their twenty percent cut, but even that is a high amount to be paid to clean a house. The great part about this tipping feature is that Handy will not make any money of the tips, as they are transferred for free from customer to cleaner.

Instead of encouraging people to tip with cash all of the time, Handy decided to rid away with that portion of their business. Many people refuse to carry much cash, if any at all, because it is easily lost and stolen.

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the two founders of this great app named Handy, originally met when they were boarded together at Harvard Business College. Like many other great minds had done — although dropping out of college is not recommended — Mr. Dua and Mr. Hanrahan felt as if leaving college to pursue this business opportunity would bear fruit, which has proved to be true.

Customers have been prompted that they do not have to leave a tip and that most cleaners do not expect tips. Everybody would like a tip for providing a better service, but unfortunately, this does not always happen. As the preliminary studies have shown, though, cleaners are expected to make a good chunk of money from this feature.

Those interested in using Handy to arrange someone to clean their home should rest assured that not just anybody can get listed on Handy. There is a grueling application process that accepts less than five percent of applicants.

Raising a Dog from Pup to Healthy Maturity With Beneful Foods

Available since 2001, Beneful has provided delicious nourishment to millions of dogs in recent years. Whether the concern is feeding a puppy, an adult dog or a dog that could lose a few pounds, Beneful has a line of food that is appropriate for their needs.
Feeding a Puppy
Beneful produces excellent puppy food, known as its Healthy Puppy option This dry food is made with a specific formula, that in appropriate servings, meets all of the nutritional needs for young dogs. That is true whether the puppy is a toy breed or will be a giant in just a year. Specifically, calcium and DHA, both necessary for growth and brain development, are found in Beneful’s Healthy Puppy line.
When the Puppy Is An Adult
One popular example of Beneful that many adult dogs enjoy is the Playful Life line. It provides nutrition containing the protein that adult dogs need, which is made from real beef and egg. In order for an adult dog to have the muscles needed to have a good quality of life, it needs the right diet…and the dry food Playful Life formula provides that.
Maintaining (or Returning) an Adult Dog to a Healthy Weight
Recent statistics on Twitter suggest that in the United States, some dogs are loved a little too much and not walked quite enough. Just over 52% of dogs were considered to be overweight or obese in 2014. In that instance, one option is the Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food. It reduces the calories that a chubby dog needs without skimping on the nutrition or taste of the food itself.
When Portion Size Is Important
It is not unusual for many dogs to carry extra weight, simply because they love the Beneful line of products so much. One solution is to choose a pre-portioned wet food, available in several varieties. Whether the dog needs 3 ounces, 10 ounces, chopped or big chunks, Beneful’s line of wet dog food from Purina Store makes it easy to give them exactly what they need in a tasty formula…without accidentally giving them too much.

The Delight of Beneful Dog Foods

Beneful Originals Dry Dog Food

The Beneful Originals dry dog food is their original line up of dry dog foods. Perfectly shaped kibbles, vitamin and nutrient infused formula and real meat ingredients makes this a food match made in doggy heaven for your furry best friend.

Beneful Originals come in the following choices:

•             Chicken with Carrots, Avocado and Tomatoes

•             Salmon, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans and Carrots

•             Beef, Spinach, Peas and Carrots

Beneful Healthy Puppy Dry Dog Food

Chicken, peas and carrots make up the Beneful Healthy Puppy dry dog food. This protein rich dry dog food gives health and wellness to young growing pups. If you want your puppy to get the nutrients they need definitely have your puppy try Beneful Healthy Puppy food.

Beneful Playful Life Dry Dog Food

Using real beef, eggs, blueberries and spinach Beneful invented their Playful Life dry dog food. Playful Life is for dogs to maintain a high energy lifestyle and to get a good blend of nutrients to keep up with a high energy dog’s life. Protein, fiber, fat, calcium, selenium, Vitamin A and Vitamin E nutrient enriched.

Beneful Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

The Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food is an excellent diet blend for dogs “watching their figure”. The Healthy Weight food is a blend of chicken, apple, carrots and green beans. There is a combination of the nutrients: protein, fiber, fat, calcium, selenium, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Beneful Incredibites Dry Dog Food

Incredibites is aimed at the smaller sized dog customers of Beneful dog food. This small kibbled dry dog food has a range of protein, fiber, fat, calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin E that are essential to little dog wellness.

Beneful Incredibites are available in the following choices on Twitter:

•             Beef with Carrots and Peas

•             Chicken with Carrots, Sweet Potatoes and Spinach



Why Shaygan Kheradpir Is The Best CEO To Run Coriant

Shaygan Khedrapir is the current Chief Executive Officer as well as Board Chairman of Coriant, a company that is well known as a reliable supplier of innovative networking solutions to the biggest network operators in not less than 100 countries. His name is not new in the technology and business circles. He has more than 28 years experience as an executive leader across technology, telecom and financial services.

He started his career at GTE Corporation and within some time, he was also appointed the Chief Information Officer at Verizon. Accepting his recent role in Coriant, he said he was deeply humbled and said that he would give all his best in serving the company. The company’s top management was also happy with his acceptance and said that they were hoping that with his unique abilities and leadership experience, the company would be able to make bigger and better strides in matters related to penetrating the markets better.

Currently, Coriant is trying to establish itself better in a market with similarly big competitors. The company’s management is however hoping that with Shaygan Kheradpir, that can be achieved. Going by his impressive track record, they can only hope that he will copy paste his strategies and provide similar if not better results.

Being a man loaded with a lot of industry experience, he is the best suited person to run an optical systems vendor. He has also the best certifications having a degree, master’s and doctorate from Cornell University in electrical engineering. While at Verizon, he played a very integral role in creating efficiency, modernization as well as innovation strategies. He was responsible for overseeing FiOS, one of the largest infrastructure programs in the United States that had a capital investment worth over $20 billion.

He also joined Barclays in the role of Chief Technology and Operations Officer and also served in the company’s Executive Board. In fact, he made history as being the first technology executive to serve in the board. While at the bank, he played a very integral role in creating the bank’s TRANFORM program that was very historical in the way it offered its services in not less than 50 countries with not less than 150,000 employees.

He would later proceed to join Juniper Networks in the role of Chief Executive Officer and developed an Integrated Operating Plan that had a very strong emphasis on the growth and execution of a better and bigger market share.