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Adam Sender Plans to Sell His Art Collection for $70 Million Dollars

When you decide the market is right to sell off your expansive art collection, few could have ever imagined they would walk away with $70 million dollars after only a short time collecting. This is exactly what hedge fund manager Adam Sender is getting ready to do, and his story is unlike any who have ever tried to strike it rich in the Contemporary art world. His unique story is one that will never be rivaled because of the unique timing and decisions made at key points on the process.

Adam Sender was already making good money managing a hedge fund for his clients. His clients were pulling profits and either investing back in the fund or enjoying the steady growth year after year. Sender was not happy with the profits he was personally making, and rather than put the money in the safe place, he decided to venture out into the volatile art world. Many people have lost huge fortunes trying to time the market, only to find they were left with millions of dollars of art that were worth little more than the canvas they were painted on.

So Sender decided he was going to amass a fortune in art and walk away set for life, but he quickly found out his plan was full of major issues. He could not afford to buy masterpieces by the greats at a million dollars a piece because they would be lucky to sell for that amount in a decade. Many people see their initial investments plummet to 10% of the value when the market is suffering. This is the point in the story where most people would have chalked it up to lesson learned and simply gone back to making lots of money for everyone with the hedge fund. Sender however is not your average investor.

He was content on growing a small fortune buying quality art, so rather than go after a Warhol or Picasso, he began looking at great pieces of art created by artists slightly off the radar. These artists were creating masterpieces, yet they were not getting the recognition just yet of the masters. Sender saw an opportunity and began buying up as many of those pieces he could. Unlike the million dollars the masters commanded for their work, Sender was getting bargain basement pricing at $100,000 per painting.

So to test his new theory, Sender auctioned off 40 of his collection in 2006. When he pocketed $20 million dollars, he knew he found something. Today he no longer manages that fund, and Sotheby’s is auctioning off his entire 400 piece art collection. Early estimates confirm Adam Sender should make $70 million dollars when the final piece of his collection is sold.

Feeding Your Pet Healthy Food With Beneful

I am a good pet owner. I enjoy having pets, and I want them to live a long life. I try to take the best care of my pets that I can possibly manage. I get them pet clothes that I adore. I dress them up, and they parade around the house. They seem like they like it, and they are healthy. I just want my pets to be around for a long time. I’m happy that they enjoy their home. I’m going to keep buying them the best food that I can possibly manage to find. Right now, I’m buying them Beneful brand dog food. I want them to eat a well balanced meal every time they eat. They usually eat twice each day. If I am home during the day, then I might feed them during the lunch hours.

Feeding Your Pet

The bag of dog food tells you how much that your pet should eat. It’s based on their body weight on, so it’s easy to figure out. I just bought a new scale. I used it to weigh each animal. I got on the scale with them, and then, I got on the scale alone. I subtract the weight after I get off the scale, so the end weight is their weight. I want to make sure they are eating enough. I feed my dogs a lot of dry food. I usually pick up a bag at the local pet store. I got the chicken flavor now of the Beneful Dry Dog Food Original. Next week I think I’ll switch it up and get the Beneful Dry Dog Food Original with beef. I already know that they like the salmon flavor a lot of the Beneful Dry Dog Food Original.

I try to make sure that they don’t get over fed. However, my oldest dog is getting a little chubby. Her ribs are harder to see, and there is more fat over the rivs, so I think it is time to take her to see a vet about this. The vet will feel around her ribs and tell me whether she is too big. It is super important to make sure she is a healthy weight. If not, I will take her off her current food and put her on the Beneful on facebook Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight option. That is a chicken flavored blend also.

Keeping A Good Internet Presence in Social Media

Social media is a popular way to keep friends and family connected. It is also being successfully utilized by the corporate world to increase their presence on the Internet. There are cases where social media sights like Facebook my be counterproductive on the job, says author Robin Madell. Her recent online article on US News and World outlines some of the pitfalls of surfing your home page while at work.

According to Madell’s article, several studies have concluded that people often have a feeling of loss if they are not checking their Facebook account periodically. Somehow, they feel like they need to read about an event in someone’s life the minute it is posted. Most companies have corporate policies that forbid employees to surf social media on company times. Proprietary networks often block employees from even accessing the sites. Many people have lost their jobs or have lost job opportunities because they abused their privileges on the company’s computers, says the article.

Madell creates a check list in her article for readers to see if readers can judge whether they are misusing social media or not. She cites several professional recommendations that people should keep their private and professional lives separate. This means that we should have two different accounts. An employee’s image can directly reflect on the company, says the article.

This article also reminds us that no matter how many privacy settings we have, we cannot assume that all of our online comments are private. It is quite easy for an employer to check out employee Facebook accounts to see what they are saying about the company and how they are acting in their personal lives. Employees who make controversial comments and use crude language are going to be viewed in a different light by their bosses, opines Madell. This is why people should always be responsible with their social media accounts.

Reputation is everything when it comes to business, and one’s online presence must be guarded. Many companies and executives trust Status Labs to manage their online reputations. The professionals at Status Labs are public relations experts who work to ensure that companies are presented in the best of light. They also work with their clients should damage control be needed.

For several years, Status Labs has helped thousands of professionals maintain their reputation and have launched successful campaigns to thwart negative publicity. People want to do business with leaders and companies that they can trust. Status Labs helps maintain this trust give companies the positive leverage they need for success.

Get Quality Products With Qnet

Many people are constantly on the lookout for products that can help them improve their lives and make them feel better. They are also looking for products that can allow them to enjoy better health, travel to new and exotic places. Customers also want to buy items that they know are being marketed in an ethical manner by a company that treats their employees with respect and kindness. Buying products from a company that is devoted to such practices as well as devoted to providing their customers with the highest possible products can be a great way to have the kind of products that are ideal for their needs at all times.

hese are some of the reasons why people choose to buy from a company such as Qnet. Qnet is a company that was founded several years ago with the intention of providing people all over the world with easy access to high quality items that they can easily afford that will help them improve their lives in many ways. The company offers their customers a vast array of products that are designed to help them have better nutrition as well as help them improve their lives in all sorts of ways.
Qnet was founded by a skilled entrepreneur who wants to offer people all over the world the chance to have the opportunity to purchase items of all kinds that can help them eat better and do important things such as lose weight if they are overweight. People who want to buy the items that that company offers will find that doing so is very easy.

The company has set up an easy system that allows people to be able to pick and choose which particular products are ideal for their specific needs and wants and then buy them very easily. Buyers can see the products that they buy before they buy them as the company offers very detailed specifications for each product on the site and allows the buyer to carefully examine each item first from all angles. Buyers are able to know exactly what they are getting before they buy it from the company without a problem.

Customer service is also a priority with Qnet. Customers can be assured that any items they buy from the company will be carefully vetted in order to make sure that the buyer is getting exactly what they want.They can also work with customer service representatives to help them figure out the exact kind of items they might want to purchase.One customer may be happy with items that are made to a certain specific specification while another customer may want to have another, entirely different item.

Handy Home Cleaning Services-Top-Tier Cleaning Service

Hate to do home cleaning? You’re not alone, so do a lot of other people. In a world where people barely have enough time to rest, more less clean, it can be very challenging to come home after a hard day’s work or the end of a work week and engage in the tedious and arduous task of cleaning, especially house cleaning.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because now there’s a such thing as home cleaning services. Not that such services themselves are new; they have always existed as long as anyone can remember, but what is new as well as unique about such cleaning services today is that you can summon them with the click of a mouse.

That’s right, thanks to the Internet, more things are becoming easily accessible, and cleaning services is one of them. Which is all the more reason why you should consider Handy Cleaning Services.

Handy Cleaning Services, one of the top cleaning services in the industry, according to a March 26, 2014 Forbes Magazine article, is very rapidly entering into the public consciousness of many a consumer. They truly want to be the uber for your home. It’s founder, Steve Bertoni, is a young phenom and entrepreneur well on his way to the very pinnacles of business success, as you can and will, if you haven’t already, from his equally phenomenal cleaning business.

And Handy cleaning services are cheap-real cheap, but certainly not cheap in the top-tier quality services it performs, as evinced by its many, many satisfied clients. In fact, they even have a cleaning package in which you can have your home cleaned for 2 hours for just $19. No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, you can get professional cleaning services done in your home for 2 hours for just $19.

That’s a significant drop from their usual price on, $29, which, of course, if you want a longer cleaning job done, you can still order.

But there is no question that Handy is truly living up to its name: it offers, handy, or practical cleaning services for a small, affordable price that can practically fit everyone’s budget.

Now, home cleaning is a not just for a privileged few, it’s for everyone, including you. And now you also know you have a choice, Handy Cleaning Services; once you choose to have them as your professional cleaning service, no doubt they will be your only choice, as many of their satisfied customers have confirmed.

In fact, if you’d like to learn more about them and their valuable services, why not go to their website now and learn more about them, and the various price ranges they offer and the one that fits both your schedule and budget.

House cleaning-once a tedious task for many, is now more easier than ever, and top-tier cleaning services like Handy is helping to facilitate people’s cleaning need. Perhaps you may well be another satisfied customer that Handy would gladly accommodate. But they can’t do that until you make the first move: contact them.

Contact Handy Cleaning Services today! You’ll never regret it.

Dan Newlin the Guru in personal injury law

After an accident or injury, there’s a lot of pain and suffering that comes along If it happens to you, you might be faced with physical, emotional and psychological damages that can detract you from your day to day life. If it happens to a loved one, psychological damage may also affect you in unimaginable ways. In such situations, you need a personal injury lawyer that will help you protect your legal rights in case you choose to take legal measures. Personal injury cases can be handled in two ways; through a formal lawsuit or an informal settlement. In an informal settlement, the victim of the accident, their attorneys and insurers are involved in a negotiation where a written agreement is drawn recognizing that a certain amount of money has been agreed on thus settling the matter out of court. On the other hand, a formal complaint is initiated by a plaintiff (a private individual who files a civil grievance against another person, company, government agency or business). The people who the case is lodged against are the defendants. The matter is therefore handled in a court of law. This process where the plaintiff accuses the defendant of negligence or carelessness that results in an injury or accident is known as filing a lawsuit. It is in this situation that you will need the services of a personal injury lawyer.

Dan Newlin is a personal injury attorney based in Orlando, Florida, who has gained honorable recognition for providing excellent legal services in cases that involve personal injury. At the age of 20, he started working for the New Chicago, Indiana Police and Fire Department, and this was when his career in law enforcement commenced. He later on served ten years in the in the Orange County Sheriff’s office located in Orlando Florida where he earned the high rank of Sherriff’s Detective. Throughout his career in law enforcement, Attorney Dan worked in departments such as auto theft details and narcotics enforcement and was later on assigned to work in the Fugitive Division as a detective. In this position, he apprehended a large number of wanted fugitives thus earning him numerous awards for his outstanding performance by the United States Marshall’s Office. He sought to begin a career in Law Enforcement, and 1997 was accepted to join Florida State College of Law where he subsequently graduated in 2000. He received his license to practice in Illinois and Chicago and has opened offices there as well as in Florida.

Attorney Dan Newlin has won many personal injury cases and has recovered over $150 million as compensation for his personal injury victims. He has also grown and started his law firm with 18 qualified and experienced lawyers that provide legal expertise in all of Florida and Illinois. The law firm focuses on auto injuries, construction accidents, medical negligence, wrongful death and wrongfully charged criminal offenses.

Young Yeonmi Park Is A Powerful Voice For Change In North Korea

Yeonmi Park is a young but powerful activist who is quickly gaining an international platform from which to shed light on the brutal atrocities being committed regularly by the North Korean government. Born in 1993 in Hyesan, North Korea, Yeonmi has experienced first hand the rigid control exerted by the North Korean government over it’s citizenry. In early 2014, the UN released a more than 400 page report detailing a laundry list of governmental offenses and crimes against humanity compiled from the testimonies of more than 300 North Korean Refugees. The report painted a gruesome picture of rampant governmental abuses and widespread civil rights violations. Among the accusations were numerous accounts of abuses which took place in the government run hard labor camps, where citizens were frequently sent for such ludicrous charges as watching soap operas – an account that seems completely unbelievable until paired with numerous other horrifyingly similar testimonies. Yeonmi herself witnessed firsthand the kinds of violence and abuse committed against detainees in the labor camps, when her own father was sentenced to more than a decade in one. Under the leadership of Kim Il-sung, grandfather of the current leader Kim Jong-un, North Korea experienced a harsh famine in the early 90’s which was exacerbated by governmental abuse and mismanagement. As a result, many citizens were forced to turn to activities which would be perfectly normal in another country, but deemed illegal by Kim Il-sung’s son, Kim Jong-Il, who assumed power after his father’s death in 1994. Under Kim Jong-Is reign, food was given to those that cooperated with the government or were deemed useful and withheld from those that opposed the government or were not considered useful. Like many others, Yeonmi’s parents resorted to smuggling their own valuables into China to sell for food – an activity that was not only deemed illegal by the government, but for which Yeonmi’s father was sentenced to more than a decade in a hard labor camp. Yeonmi and her mother escaped through China, where they spent nearly two years facing even greater horrors than the ones they had escaped from in North Korea. Finally, however, they were able to make their way into Mongolia where they sought sanctuary at the South Korean Embassy. Now safely ensconced in Seoul, South Korea, Yeonmi has made it her mission on nknews to ensure that neither South Korea nor the rest of the world can turn a blind eye to the plight of North Korea. As a frequent guest on numerous radio and talk shows, she works hard to keep North Korea in the forefront of South Korean consciousness. In 2014, she was asked to speak at the Oslo Freedom Forum, and later at the One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland. There, she delivered a powerful and impassioned speech that left few unmoved. Her speech subsequently went viral and gained her a new following of supporters sympathetic to her cause. Shortly thereafter, she was recognized by the BBC for her passionate work and appeared on their prestigious “100 Women of 2014” list.

Changing a Business


No matter what industry a business is in, at the end of the day the goal is to make as much of a profit as possible. There are many company owners and leaders that love running the day to day aspects of a business. However, these same people are unsure of how to change their business for the better in order to increase the profits in a business. There are several steps that anyone in business can take in order to maximize profits. Understanding how profits are calculated is the first step in the process. A company must take its total sales numbers and subtract all of the expenses. By default, if a company can decrease expenses while maintaining sales they will generate higher profits. Here are several tips on how to do that in any business.

Find Waste

There are many companies that have a tremendous amount of waste built up in their systems. The ability to find and reduce this waste or inefficiencies is vital to reducing expenses over the long term. As a business owner, finding areas that do not add value to the company and eliminating them can lead to higher profits. However, a leader does not need to go through and just cut everything. This has been done in the past in struggling companies. The CEO or other business leader will cut five or ten percent of the workforce in an attempt to cut costs. Although costs will be cut, this can lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction or value. Always keep the long term in mind when eliminating departments or people.

Brian Bonar

One of the best people in the world of corporate finance today is Brian Bonar. Few people have as much experience as he does in changing a business for the better. As the CEO of many companies, Brian Bonar has had to deal with company issues at all ends of the spectrum. Anyone that is in a leadership position at a company that needs to be turned around should look into his work. Anyone can change a business for the better if they have a viable plan and act on it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many companies in business today that are operating at an efficiency level that is less than optimal. The financial portion of a business is one of the most important. If a business does not take care of its finances today, this will hurt their chances of growing their customer base and profits in the future. Brian Bonar is one of the best leaders in corporate finance and how to change a company’s finances.

Saving the Environment By Investing in the Young

Earth Force is a nonprofit organization whose primary role is environment care and sustainability. It seeks to use the youth of a community to build an environmentally resilient community. It aims to create a population of life-long environmentalists by engaging them when they are young. This engaged citizenry is the best chance to fight global warming and maintains earth’s beauty. Earth Force has a network of over 100 partners to guide and support the youth. It recently got the attention of Jon Urbana. He 17 days ago launched a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help raise money for the Earth Force causes.

Jon Urbana is a former lacrosse player who is also an FAA certified airman. He recently started his Next level Lacrosse Camp. At his Lacrosse camp, he coaches the youth on best techniques and practices, in addition to providing video training through his Vimeo page. He has been described as a very concerned leader who seeks the best in the youth. He has been involved in various ventures in Denver to protect the environment. He has a very active Crowd Rise website. You can visit and see his different activities. Your contribution will be appreciated immensely.

Mr. Urbana recently started a fundraiser to help return Homeless Cats in Denver area. It seeks to collect homeless cats and give them a home before they find where to take them. It supports the animal’s rescue and support society. This society is the best to host these orphaned felines before they can find an owner.

Jon Urbana was born on 15th November 1982.He is a Denver-born and bred and today is the Head of Business Development at Ellipse, USA. He is a graduate of Villanova University, having finished school in 2005. At Ellipse, he is the tech nerd leading IPL and laser technologies and spearheading the marketing and branding side of the business.

Jon Urbana is also an entrepreneur and makes music in his spare time. It has allowed him to have a very disciplined and strong character that continues to mold him. He has an excellent background in Economics, Sales, Business development and Growth, in addition to a big following on Instagram. He believes only a sustained effort from all demographics will save the environment.

Keeping the Internet Clean with Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher is a Texan entrepreneur and co-founder of online management firm called Status Labs.The Vanderbilt University graduate lives in Austin where his company is headquartered. He has led the company for the last four years and has already assembled a team of highly talented 30 individuals. He has a client base of over 1500 people in 35 countries. The company recently opened offices in San Paulo in Brazil and New York in the USA.The status lab has revenue exceeding $ 20 million. He is a former political contributor but begun his career at Agora publishing as a copywriter.

Darius was featured recently in PR Newswire as a top 50 innovator. The top magazine in the PR industry noted his outstanding achievement in guiding Status Labs the last four years. Mr. Fisher was humbled by the recognition given how fast his company has grown. His client list includes many firms and individuals from all around the world. It seeks to clean up their image by either pro-actively managing their profile or cleaning up the mess. He has appeared in the industry leading magazines including The New York times and Yahoo for his entrepreneurship. His assistance of the Ashely Madison Hack victims has also earned him rave reviews. He believes every victim of online slandering deserves a second chance.
As the CEO in the company, he has assembled an incredibly talented team with a remarkable ability to innovate. It uses highly trained Search engine optimization engineers and partners with content developers to quickly change search results. They use proprietary technology with industry leading standards to achieve their outstanding results. He has created a strategic plan to drive its growth. It includes having an international marketing team to drive the growth.
Darius offers his piece of advice in a recent post. He says individuals should jealously guard their privacy by not sharing highly sensitive information online. They should also be very careful of what they post online. The internet doesn’t forget, and 20-year-old videos are not uncommon. Cases of people in their mid-life changing their entire identities due to mistakes of the past are not unique. He advises public individuals to control the narrative. It can be done by having their websites and SEO optimized, and content developed to brand them. Of course, it’s necessary for this to come from reputable Online Management companies like Status labs.Safety starts with you.