What You Need To Know About The Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks can be described as a professional basketball team whose home is Atlanta, Georgia. It is a team that competes in the NBA (National Basketball Association). The team plays at Phillips Arena for home games, and is part of the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference.

Their origins go back to the 1946 establishment of the Tri-Cities Blackhawks, a NBL (National Basketball League) member. As part of the basketball Association of America and NBL merger, the team joined the NBA. It later moved to Milwaukee in 1951 where they rebranded to Hawks. They moved again to St. Louis in 1955, where they managed to win their only championship in 1958. In 1968, the Hawks moved to their present home Atlanta.

Currently, they own the second-longest drought of failing to win an NBA championship in 57 seasons. The only championship the team won together with all four of their NBA Finals appearance happened when they were in St. Louis. Meanwhile, they have gone almost half a century without advance beyond the second round of the playoffs in any format. Their final break was in 2015. Much of the failure they have gone through in the post-season can be traced back to the poor history they have experienced in the NBA draft.

In October of last year, Bruce Levenson, founder of UCG, a co-owner of the team, hired Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs to sell the operating rights and Hawks to Philips Arena. Levenson was convinced by Sachs that they could get at least $1 billion for the arena’s operating rights and the team. However, at the auction, the winning bid was $730 million from a group led by Ares Management LP’s co-founder.

Rivalries: Celtics and Orlando Magic

The Hawks-Celtics rivalry begun in the Eastern Conference of the NBA and has lasted for 50 years. Both teams have played each other as part of the BAA (Basketball Association of America) and NBL merger. All the same, the Blackhawks could not field a team that could truly compete until they moved to St. Louis. They were known as St. Louis Hawks after they stayed for four years at Milwaukee. The teams have faced each other a total of eleven times. Of these, four times were in the NBA Finals and eleven times in the NBA Playoffs. Celtics have beaten Hawks in ten out of eleven series, which is inclusive of 3 out of 4 NBA Finals. This means that the Celtics have lost to the Hawks once out of eleven series in the NBA Playoffs.

Orlando Magic

Orlando magic and the Atlanta Hawks have an intense rivalry. It mostly stems from the rising stardom of Josh Smith and Dwight Howard and play off competitions. Smith and Howard were both raised in Georgia and were from the 2004 NBA draft. The Hawks were swept by the Magic in the 2010 playoffs second round. The Magic were eliminated by the Hawks 4-2 in the first round of the following 2011 playoffs. The rivalry is still on and can be seen anytime the two teams meet.

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