The Amazing Applications Of Image Recognition

Searching just by typing might soon have a serious competitor in the form of image searching. As image recognition technology and smartphone cameras improve we are going to see more and more innovative implementations of this technology. It is one of the leading fields of innovation in the mobile space, connecting both consumers and business in new and exciting ways. Searching for products, places, movies or TV shows is going to be as easy as taking a picture with a smartphone using an app that provides such a feature. One such app is Slyce, a leading visual search provider.

Slyce’s visual search is actually an American start-up company which provides their visual search technology to retailers and brands. What is the idea here? Image yourself meeting a friend who has just bought a new pair of sneakers that catch your eye, well, if you have a Slyce app installed on your smartphone you can easily just snap a photo of the sneakers and in a matter of seconds you will get the model name inside the app. Alongside that, the app will provide suggestions on similar models and will allow you to shop right from the app. This will give retailers a new place to sell their products and consumers a new way to shop, compare prices and discover new products. All kinds of products can be recognized this way, not just clothes. You will be able to discover home appliances or even furniture. The app can provide a good business model for the developers, making the app free for consumers, and earning money through possible ads and partnerships with retailers. A healthy business model ensures that the developers will have enough finances to further improve their technologies and to bring us even better search results.

Image recognition can be applied in many ways. Microsoft actually created an app for their Windows Phone devices that can translate text for you, and all you need to do is to point your smartphone camera at the particular text or sign. So you do not need to type and search the text by hand, the image recognition technology, recognize the text and presents you with the result instantly.

It is not an easy task to create apps based on visual search, and that is why there are currently only a few companies that are successful. Leading the way is definitely Slyce, with many investors and six of the top twenty U.S. retailers backing them up. It’s going to be very exciting to see what they will be able to create in the future.

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