Organic Gold and Ganoderma

Nowadays, people are on the hunt for healthier diets and more active lifestyles. The folks at Organic Gold have it their mission to offer only the best in premium gourmet beverages blended with powerful herbs. Living better does not just mean eating better. That’s why they carry their special blend of nutraceuticals and top-notch personal care products, fit for everyone. All these products work together to give you a sense of well-being that you before never thought possible.

Since the start, Organic Gold has worked hard to bring the gift of relatively unknown Chinese remedies to the public. The CEO and founder, Bernardo Chua, created the company in the hope that the knowledge of these guarded eastern traditions will enrich the lives of people around the world. It has proven itself to be a wildly successful concept. Through his venture, millions of people in various countries now live a more balanced life. His dream of using ganoderma to help the world has been made a reality.

The Chinese name for ganoderma is lingzhi. This translates to “spiritual potency. The Japanese name, reishi, means “king of herbs”. Ganoderma is a mushroom that grows out of the wood of large trees. Brightly colored orange caps give it remarkable aesthetic appeal. Organic Gold uses gamoderma grown only on logs in the Chines region of Fuzhou, making sure it retains its potency. It is a substance that can reduce the likelihood of cancer and strengthen the immune system. It also has several antioxidant benefits. It has also proven effective in treating:

Hair Loss
Weight Loss
Allergies suggests that they also produce a number of organic coffees and teas infused with ganoderma. Tea has been getting more attention lately because of its healthy properties. The three varieties offered are black, green, and red.

Anyone who suffers from other common ailments will improve their quality of life by using ganoderma. Generations of use in the eastern world have proven its effectiveness. For over five years now, Organic Gold has helped to garner popularity of this miraculous herb. Take advantage of this opportunity.

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