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Home prices stabilize

A monthly home sales report shows the increase in home prices has remained steady in June.

Home prices increased by 4.9% when compared to the prior year prices and this increase was consistent in both May and June. According to Shaygan Kheradpir this means that the rate of increase has stabilized and the market appears to be consolidating after significant month after month growth during the first half of the year.

Much of this growth in home prices appears to have been due to constrained home supply as well as due to anticipated rises in interest rates as a result of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. Many analysts fear that rising rates have been delayed until 2016 as a result of the economic problems in the Euro zone

The rate of change is not equal around the country with some areas having significantly higher price increases than others. Denver is a good example which has shown a year over year increase of 10%.

Analysts have indicated that beyond geographic location the increases have been stronger in condos than in single family homes. Many first time home buyers are showing weakness getting loans and in express desires to be home owners which is further muting the market and leading to the increase in home prices trailing off as opposed to increasing further. The stabilization in prices is likely good for potential homeowners.

Further consolidation and stabilization in home prices is expected for the remainder of 2015 though any significant moves by the Federal Reserve may lead to a rapid demand for homes, thereby supporting prices further.

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Corporate Finance with Brian Bonar

Finance typically involves the management, study and creation of money, credit, banking, assets, liabilities and investment. Finance deals with financial systems that comprise private, public and government sectors. Financial instruments related to different assets and liabilities are also principle in finance. A critical area in finance is the time value of money that depicts that the purchasing power of an individual unit of currency can be altered with time. Assets are therefore priced according to their risk levels and anticipated rate of return.

Finance explains the manner in which people and companies create and distribute monetary resources with time, putting into consideration the risks associated with their projects.

Finance is categorized into:

· Personal finance – personal finance revolves around creating a savings plan, financing for large purchases, safeguarding against unpredictable personal events and events in the greater economy.

· Corporate finance – corporate finance deals with the types of sources of capital and the capital structure of organizations and the measures that managers undertake to boost the value of the firm to shareholders and ways of allocating financial resources.

· Public finance – public finance is associated with independent states and sub-national bodies such as counties, municipalities, etc. This majorly deals with the budgeting process, sources of revenue for the entity and issuing of debts for public work projects.

Areas of Finance

1. Investments – it is an area of finance where corporations allocate money to long-term assets that later produce more returns. In businesses, majorly large businesses, an organization invests in assets such as short-term securities that are marketable securities to long-term securities such as bonds and stocks. Both businesses and individuals invest to earn a return in the long run.

2. Corporate finance – is the area of finance that merges the activities of the company during decision making of the firm’s financial and investment decisions. It also entails budgeting, creating financial statements, managing working capital, and more. Corporate finance also includes within its breadth stock or investment management and business valuation.

3. Financial markets and institutions – the final area of finance are the financial markets and institutions. Financial markets comprise of the money and capital markets, the primary and secondary markets, the stock and bond markets among many others. Financial institutions work together with financial markets to make financial transactions. They act as intermediaries that assist in transferring funds between businesses and savers.

Brian Bonar has been a pioneer in matters related to finance and has played a significant role in the companies he has worked for. He is currently the CEO of ITEC, a company that produces and distributes imaging products for distinct market areas. He has been able to reform the infrastructure of cutthroat sales and support personnel through the acquisition of current office products resellers. He has been an influential leader in financial management in the dozen firm has worked for.


Joseph Bismark: Balancing Spirituality With Business


Is it possible to be a successful entrepreneur and also be a spiritual person? Businessman Joseph Bismark believes that it’s not only possible, but it’s the best way to live your life. And he’s devoted his entire career to showing people how they can help society while still becoming a financial success.

According to an article on the blog “Come On Valerie,” Bismark pursued this spiritual business philosophy from an early age. At age 9, the Filipino native became a monk and lived until age 17 at a quieter ashram in the mountains, He then became a guru and eventually became a trusted friend and associate of MLM (multi-level marketing) business phenomenon Vijay Eswaran. Together they formed the successful Q1 Group, which is devoted to spreading their business philosophy to the world.

Even though Bismark is a business success, he still devotes much of this time to helping others and mentoring young business professionals. His GOW (Gem-of-Wisdom) series of books has inspired many entrepreneurs and he has traveled the world speaking about his belief that it is possible to live a successful, centered life.

Bismark found his spiritual calling very early in life. But he also believes that spirituality helped him achieve great business success. And he says that is his primary goal in life. To show others that with hard work, they too can have the best of both worlds.

How Online Reputation Management Helps Businesses And Individuala

The internet dictates to an immense deal how people do things nowadays, and people tend to associate brands or individuals based on the first impressions they get after searching online. That is why online reputation management has proven to be a very integral part of any company that want to experience tremendous growth in the days to come. In fact, large businesses have online reputation departments in their offices or better still, hire professional online reputation companies to handle their reputation. This is no longer a monthly or weekly focus; it has to be done daily because even the most simple dent in reputation can cause very significant problems in business.

The biggest mistake a business can make is ignoring a bad reputation thinking that it will subside. These days, news spread like bush fire. Bad news has also developed a tendency where it travels as twice the speed when compared to good news. Nowadays, it is not hard finding reviews online whether good or bad about a product or service. In the event that a business has been bashed with a bad review, the most advisable thing is to respond without sounding very defensive or emotional.

It is also important to respond immediately and show commitment to solving the problem indicated if it is true. If it holds no water, it should be proven so without sounding very harsh to the customer who left the review. Excellent and professional communication is vital.

Darius Fisher is a professional who deals with repairing or maintaining an active client’s image online. Headquartered in Austin, Darius believes that the biggest mistake executives make is having the lack of adequate preparation for a strong online presence. Fisher believes that to achieve such, an executive must have daily web presence monitoring to filter any bad press.

In the event that a client who has a severe image has hired, Fisher says that it is possible to retain the lost glory though it will take a longer duration. This is because there is a need to create new content that must be indexed in the search engines so as to beat the bad reputation. In short, Fisher diverts all the attention the search and social media engines are getting of the client from a relatively bad image to an exquisite one through appropriate content creation. This individual whose business is mainly referrals has helped many companies and individuals regain their once positive online reputation.

FreedomPop Gives People A Chance To Save Real Money on Cellular Service

iPhone 6 was just released this past year and sales went through the roof. It seems these days’ people are willing to pay the same for the phone as my parents did for their first car. The phone is so big and has such power that I never thought I would see in a cell phone. My mom can barely use the thing. It’s sure she won’t lose it, and if she needs a flashlight on a dark night it can act as one of those too. She paid $700 for the phone and swears it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I have never hopped on the Apple Cell phone frenzy; I prefer my refurbished phone that I paid $60 from eBay for.

However, I recently switched to Straight Talk because I was tired of paying all the big prices for cell phones. When I left Sprint, my program where I got a free phone every year was discontinued. I was asked to pay a monthly premium each month for my phone. I had 4 phones at nearly $20 a month and you do the math. Just for the phones it was $80. I had to add on the service plan. The plan included things like unlimited talk, text and data. My cell phones were costing me nearly $275 per month and I was replacing them quicker than I could count. Straight Talk is one of those companies that allow you to have everything for one low price. Now, I pay $45 per month per line. So the savings is drastic each month.

There are many people who don’t need an unlimited data, texting and minutes plan. My father’s phone only uses maybe 150 minutes per month. He calls my mom on his way home and for a pizza on occasion. I was excited reading about FreedomPop and their new expansion plan that will give service all over the country. Currently, they offer 200 free minutes per month. They give users texting too. A plan like this is perfect for my dad. He doesn’t need to pay even the flat rate fee of $45 a month, he just doesn’t use it.

FreedomPop doesn’t have to pay for lines and have a ton of overhead. I was afraid that they would lack in quality. Actually, they use all the big carriers’ lines. He won’t have to worry about cruddy service and cheap phones. He can bring his phone from Sprint right along with him. Though this company is only been around for a year and a half, I believe there are big things for their future. They just signed a $30 million dollar deal to branch out. For people like me who use a great deal of cell phone service each month, they do offer the ability to buy extra minutes as an affordable price. I will be one of the ones watching for when FreedomPop makes the leap out of the West and over to the East Coast.

Folks in England have received word that this company is heading in their direction. They are just as excited about the savings as we are here in the States.

Mobile Wireless Services From FreedomPop

With data dominating in the mobile field, and given the penchant of customers for text messaging, many phone companies are offering relatively inexpensive data plans with various price options and features. This means confusion over which plan to choose from and what company is the best choice for the long run. As you compare various data plans, you will see that the plan price varies for the same feature and bandwidth. So what makes one company better over another? This is a question that can only be answered after thorough investigation.

Today, companies that offer mobile services have their data plans in place in various fashions. The first option allows the customer to get this plan attached to the mobile device. This means when the customer buys a smartphone, the plan comes along with subscription. The other way to get this plan is to sign up with various subsidiaries of the service provider. While many providers combine voice and text and bundle it so that the customer focuses attention on the entire package only, it is wise to look at the individual parts and decide which plan suits best for the situation. For example, one company offers free basic data plan with voice and other features. Another has a better coverage with stand alone data plan.

At companies like FreedomPop, data plans and hotspot plans are affordably priced and these plans come with top features, unlimited text and talk as well. Most data plans offered here are easy to budget as there are no hidden costs, taxes and fees. You know exactly what you are paying for and can predict the same for the next billing cycle. There are also variety of prepaid and post paid plans to choose from, and some of the high-speed data plans have great add-on features to match your phone usage habits. You can also choose from individual data plans, family plans with additional lines for a great price, international calling plans and so on. So, basically, at FreedomPop what you get from the plan is what you see and what the company’s terms and conditions imply, without the added baggage.

FreedomPop is a mobile phone and wireless internet service provider from Los Angeles, California. The company is well-known for its quality products and services and serves as the main provider of data voice and text services for Sprint and Clearwire. It also sells tablets, broadband devices, mobile phones and other products to be used in conjunction with these services.

FreedomPop, as mentioned earlier, offers affordable service be it mobile or internet. It is basically designed for light users. The paid options have unlimited talk and text option with added high-speed data. Their ‘Unlimited Everything Plan’ makes it easier for customers to save money by dropping from 4G LTE data to 3G after 1GB of data usage. However, their service in limited to only a few locations. To compensate this deficiency, the carrier offers good coverage and high quality call service without any issue.

FreedomPop’s Independent Venture

FreedomPop, one of the world’s most innovative mobile carriers has decided to become an independent company after long deliberation. The company had decided to transform itself into an independent company after it received 30 million dollars worth of funds. The company FreedomPop is currently being funding by multiple European companies. In addition, this mobile carrier will also continue its continuous partnership such as DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital. A strategic investor, though not named yet, will also be involved with the company.

The venture to go solo started when CEO Stephen Stokols stated that at first, he was deciding whether or not to sell FreedomPop. Stephen Stokols finally reached the conclusion that it was too early to sell his beloved company. As Stokols states, FreedomPop is a unique company that is set apart from all the other mobile carriers. The business model that is combined with the provided services, are unique to any other company specializing in mobile carriers.

The FreedomPop mobile carrier has set themselves apart by offering a certain amount of voice, texting, and data that are all free. This offered service has been created with the intention of not over charging customers. Instead this service shows customers that the company values their membership and not their money.

Stokols on track to sell his company until he realized that his company could be kept with the help of international investors. Stokol’s decision was much inspired by HBO’s “Silicon Valley”. The stars of this show, like Stokols held a multi-billion dollar company in their pocket with the option to sell the product to anyone. His new decision to move forward with his company may quadruple the value of his company. Thanks to the international investors that are now involved, mobile carrier customers can now purchase a carrier that is geared more towards the customer and not the money.

Cloud Creation

Our best and brightest get into Ivy League universities in this country. Although Ivy League refers to a collegiate athletic conference, it does double-duty as a way to refer to the top eight universities in the country. More to this point, not too many people consider those that go to these schools to be humanitarians, and they are hardly regarded as being altruistic. Every now and again, however, some make it through the system with empathy intact. Eric Pulier, the former Vice President and General Manager of Cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), might be just one of those special philanthropic people who has great regard for betterment of the lives of his fellow man. 

His first solo venture after graduating from Harvard was starting People Doing Things (PDT), a company that leverages technology to address healthcare, education and other issues. Eric Pulier also was instrumental in getting Starbright World, a sort of Facebook for children who are chronically ill, started. X-Prize Foundation, which sponsors competitions to solve some of humanities greatest challenges, are lucky to have Mr. Pulier on the innovation board. He is also the co-founder of ServiceMesh, Inc., a cloud management platform company, which he has a lot of experience with from his time at CSC. 

At CSC, Mr. Pulier directed their creation and delivery of cloud offerings, helping clients of CSC increase productivity and lower costs. CSC is a worldwide leader in providing business with technology-based solutions and services. In the years Mr. Pulier was with CSC, they saw an appreciable increase in their stock valuation, and a refined and superior cloud services platform. CSC has long been in the business of helping companies solve big challenges from their headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia. It all started over 55 years ago, when 2 men, Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones, pulled together $100 to finance their dream. Such was the genesis of CSC. One of their first major contracts was with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1961, and they have never looked back. In 1964 they became the first publicly traded software company in the United States, their stock has been trading for over 50 years now.

As young analysts working in the aeronautics field, Nutt and Jones created CSC based on providing computer manufacturers with programs meant to increase productivity. During those first 4 years CSC was in business, these innovators wrote software for every major U.S. computer manufacturer. Eventually they would become one of the largest computer services companies, with the United States federal government being their largest client. As the internet became omnipresent, all of the professional relationships CSC had already established simply became stronger. The new frontier would become IT management, securing systems from virus attacks and now delivering cloud services to their global clients. For lack of better words, CSC is here to stay. and the cloud that Mr. Pulier worked so diligently on developing and perfecting, will likely secure CSC’s future through to the next century.

Back Pain Sufferers Have an Exciting New Option

As many as 88% of Americans will suffer back pain at one point in their lives. Traditionally, those who have needed surgery to repair their spine issues have often faced daunting choices involving long recovery times and extended rehabilitative periods off work. But now back pain sufferers have another option. The AccuraScope procedure, performed by North American Spine, out of Dallas, Texas, is a minimally invasive procedure in which surgeons use a laser to make incisions only about a centimeter long. This advanced technique can be used to repair a wide range of spinal diseases. The procedure generally takes less than an hour. Patients can usually go home the same day and return to their jobs and normal lives in about a week.

Dr. Basem Abdelfattah, a pain specialist with North American Spine in Dallas, Texas appeared on WFAA’s Good Morning Texas to discuss this exciting new technology. Currently more than 8,000 people have benefitted from back and pain relief at the hands of specially trained surgeons. An astounding 82% have achieved success in ridding themselves of the effects of back pain. Patients have not needed to be Texans in order to take advantage of pain relief, movement restoration and ability to get back to their normal lives. Many patients have travelled from out of state and saved themselves thousands of dollars in potential medical treatment, by no longer needing medications, therapies or office visits.