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The Beginning Of The End For Roaming Charges

Roaming charges might become a thing of the past thanks to the new EU (European Council) decision to ban them starting in 2017. In my opinion this is a great idea seeing as it takes no more effort on the providers end to send a text message or make a phone call from somewhere in the “roaming” area than it does in the non-roaming areas. The only difference is they have found a way to charge you just a little bit extra and get away with the hidden fees. However, in July of 2017 the EU will be ending roaming charges for all carriers in Europe. The roaming charges are already being lowered as of 2016, but a decision has been made to abolish them completely as of 2017. They have also stated here in a press release they will be safeguarding internet access for all of Europe. Their plans are to move away from ridiculous charges from cell phone providers and to allow for stable and affordable internet access all throughout Europe in such a manner as to remain fair to all parties involved. This example should be reviewed and potentially put into action for the American providers as well, but we will see in the near future. Many would say it would help the American customers quite a bit, however the cell phone and internet providers may not allow for it so easily.

Thanks to Dr. Daniel Amen for showing me this.

Use Your Eyes To Do Your Search

It is awesome to know that a person can do a search for their favorite items without having to even type in one word. Many people may have not heard of visual searches, but they are definitely the new way of doing searches that will soon be talked about all around the world. When it comes to doing a search for any item in particular, it can be difficult for a person to find exactly what they are looking for. A person may have found a pair of shoes that they like in a store, or a bracelet that they thought was nice, or they may have found a luxury chair that they would love to purchase, but they may not be able to find it right away by typing the information in using the common search methods.

A person may type in a few words in order to help the search engine find exactly what they are looking for, but in the end it might not be enough. They may have to page through quite a few pages of useless information until they can actually find the item that they are looking for. That is a waste of a person’s time, and it is also very annoying. It is great to know now that with visual search technology, a person no longer has to do any of those things. All that a person has to have is their electronic device, and a picture of the item that they desire.

A visual search is a way to find an item using an application, and an electronic device. When a person sees an item that they are interested in purchasing, all that they have to do is take a picture of that item and within no time the application will bring the item right up on the screen for their information. They can read all about the item and they have chosen and they can purchase that item. The persons information is all in the application already, so with a click of a button, the item is delivered to their home.

Slyce is the leading company when it comes to visual technology and visual search. They realize that a person wants to be able to get the item that they like without all of the fuss. They have made their Slyce application simple and fun to use. With just a few clicks of a button a person can have the item that they want right before their very eyes, and they can choose to make the purchase or not. The makers of Slyce realize the power of the eyes, and now they are helping each and every individual using their application to use that power to their advantage. It is great to know that a person no longer has to look through search engines and waste their time, with a visual search they can get the item that they want when they want it.

The Big Tech Move

Ghost is an open source blogging platform based in the United Kingdom. The company is planning on moving their company out of the United Kingdom in order to stay away from the country’s growing surveillance and weakening of privacy. The country is also trying to stifle the freedom of expression and since the company gets most of its traffic from blogging, the company is slated to lose a lot of its traffic. The founder of Ghost has released a statement in one of his blog posts telling his users the news about the big move. John Ono Lennon told his followers that he was moving the default location for the block company from the United Kingdom to a data center in Amsterdam. Amsterdam in the Netherlands is ranked second best place in the world for people to express themselves freely while using their freedom of press. The country is known for its historic liberal institutions karma farms designed to support the freedom of the press, and laws that defend individualist and their journalistic art. Much of the founders concern came about when government officials in the United Kingdom made plans to get rid of the Human Rights Act.


If they do that, United Kingdom citizens will lose their respect for their private and family life. The Netherlands has some of the most precedent sets of privacy laws in the free world. Ghost isn’t the first software company that has decided to move out of the United Kingdom. ReBalkan made plans to remove his software project out of the company after the government gave out detailed plans that included attacking individual’s privacy by collecting permit bulk data while surveilling their online activities. If the United Kingdom hopes to keep its tech companies at home, government officials should look to amending their current laws on privacy and surveillance. Ricardo Tosto sees that happening more and more.

A Strange Planet That Looks More Like a Comet Has Been Found

The search for exoplanets has yielded yet another first in planetary observations. Scientists have found a planet that looks more like a comet in the sense that it is trailing a long tail behind it. The planet is over 20 times bigger than the earth, and it is a gaseous world. The tail is considered to be a portion of the planet’s atmosphere that is continuously burning off at a rate of about a tenth of a percent every billion years. This rate is too slow to deplete its atmosphere but must make for one beautiful show with a big plume that astronomers estimate to be a few million miles long. It’s burning off because this planet is even closer to its star than Mercury is to our own sun.

Astronomers have confirmed about 1,000 exoplanets so far and the search continues. As our telescopes and instruments get better, we are able to learn more about these worlds in other solar systems. They give astronomers and planetary scientists far more to study than just the planets in our own solar system to enable an explosive increase in our understanding of planets and their interactions with stars. These discoveries have also confirmed for the first time in human history how relatively common solar systems are in the cosmos. While we have not found an “Earth 2” yet, at the rate the search is going and with more telescopes coming over the next decade, it is only a matter of time. We will just have to wait and see how it all plays out, just like those at Qnet. They check out Health Magazine on a regular basis for general information.

5G Connection to Debut at 2018 Winter Olympics

Technological accomplishments get celebrated all the time. The industry is constantly changing and evolving, and sometimes it movies at a pace that is difficult to keep up with. While many tech industry breakthroughs are thought to belong to the United States, one very big development will be making a high profile debut at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

According to Android Community, KT Corp will be debuting the world’s first 5G wireless network connection capable of giving users access to data speeds of around 20 GBps. The breakthrough in South Korea should draw plenty of jaw dropping results from folks able to download entire movies in about ten seconds. With so much focus in the United States on 4G connection speeds, there has been little discussion from any of the major providers about upgrading the existing network let alone an actual debut of the technology.

Brad Reifler knows that the 5G revolution is still a few years away, but consumers will eventually receive blazing fast internet connections wirelessly, which could spell trouble for traditional wired connections. With network performance set to increase dramatically over the course of the transition, the actual cost of any type of 5G network on a traditional data plan also needs to be worked out. After all, companies are not going to simply give customers access to all that data and speed without having them subsidize the price in some way. Still, a lot of eyes will be on the technology in 2018.

If You Don’t Know The Product, Find It With A Visual Search

Products are everywhere that you look, and they may not always be in stores. Any time someone purchases something, such as a purse, a bag, a pair of shoes, or a specialty item, it is no longer in a store, but out in the real world. There are many times that we may see items that a person has in their possession, and it’s so captivating, that we may be interested in the item. If you know the person, more than likely you’ll ask them where they got the item from. In certain cases, the person may have gotten it as a gift, and they have no idea where the item came from.

It can be frustrating when you can’t find an item that you really love, and you want to purchase it, but you have no idea where to start. You may even start by looking at the name of the product, if the person who has it, allows you to do so. Even with a product name, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find it. There’s a better way to find a product that you may be looking for, just by doing a visual search. A visual search is the same thing as product recognition.

You can download an application from Slyce, who is a leader when it comes to visual search. The application will be able to a accept a photo that you’ve taken of a product, and it can analyze the photo, and find the product for you. Although not every product may be found, there are other ways to analyze photos, in order to get an exact match of the product, or a close match. You’ll never again have to make phone calls, search the Internet, and go from place to place, just to find an item that you saw somewhere.

With this incredible technology, you’ll be able to snap a photo of an item, insert it into the application, and the application can give you information on where to buy it, and allow you to pay right away. Slyce is the innovator when it comes to product recognition, and their application creation, has helped many people find products that they’ve been looking for, but they couldn’t find it otherwise. Slyce works with six leading retailers, and it enables users of the application to find the products they’re looking for, and also be able to purchase it right away.

Slyce has different ways of helping a potential customer to find an item, but Slyce technology can also be used by those who have businesses, especially if they sell retail products. Find a product in a photo, which may be photos of your customers, and it can automatically be tagged, allowing you to share the photo through social media. Using Slyce technology can be great for anyone’s business. With Slyce technology, you have a personal shopper, right in your hands, and all you have to do is take a photo, and wait for the results.

DuckDuckGo is Poised for Search Engine Glory

DuckDuckGo is not exactly a search engine the average person is familiar with. In the aftermath of the NSA surveillance scandal, the previously minor search engine has grown quite a bit in popularity. The use of the search engine has, in fact, grown by about 600%. What this means is the search engine has orchestrated several billion searches over the past year. Why are so many people interested in what DuckDuckGo has to offer? Basically, the search engine provides enhanced privacy when it comes to searching online. Since people are becoming more and more concerned about their online privacy being compromised, a search engine that hides pertinent facts about searches and the location of the searcher is going to appeal to millions.

People do love and value their privacy. Not very many persons want details about their personal, financial, or even leisure activities to be known. Just ask Jim Dondero for one. It goes without saying the average person would be decidedly unhappy that a mysterious file was being maintained by a government agency. DuckDuckGo has definitely benefited from the public’s concern about privacy infringements. Perhaps the search engine might become a giant in the coming years.

Google is going to be the top search engine giant for years to come. Very few of the smaller search engines have proven to be successful. DuckDuckGo just might be riding a very lucky wave to success. Consider it the right search engine at the right time in history.

Check Out This Hot Gadget That Celebrities Love

Celebrities can make anything popular, especially since they can afford almost anything that is out there today. When the PSP first came out, Kimora Lee Simmons decided to decorate it with jewels, and she made a $250 game system worth thousands of dollars because of the additions. The Phunkeeduck Segway. Celebrities will find some toys that they like, and they’ll buy it for themselves, and when fans see these toys, they’re quick to want the gadgets also.

Some of the best gadgets out there today, which celebrities are going crazy over, are things like the Segway, which is a device that glides you across the ground, but there is a new updated version of it. The new version is called the Phunkeeduck, and it comes with no handles, but it still can help you to glide seamlessly across the ground. Many celebrities are going crazy over this invention, including Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber, and Chris Brown.

Although these new Segways cost about $1,500 each, that’s nothing when it comes to the super rich, who can afford anything they want. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital knows a few people thinking about buying one. Even Nicki Minaj was recently picture hugging onto her boyfriend Meek Mill while he was gliding across the floor on the same device. The device comes in several different colors. Even though it’s proven to be safe, it may not be wise to use it while holding children, especially since there are no handlebars on the device.

Pizza Hut Introduces Box With Movie Projector Tie In To Smart Phone

Pizza Hut is experimenting with a pizza box design which enables the consumer to enjoy a movie while they enjoy their pizza. Pizza Hut Places Film Projection Device In Pizza Boxes While some consider the device a gimmick, many believe that it is actually fun and harken back to the days when real toys were placed in cereal boxes and prizes were placed in Cracker Jack Boxes.

The Pizza box is a normal sized pizza box, with the exception that it has a punch out hole on the side and a lens that can be inserted into the hole. The consumer can use their smart phone to scan a code on the side of the box, which enables a movie to be played on their smart phone that can be projected through the lens on the side of the pizza box.

In the crowded fast food pizza business, any thing that will give a company an edge is worthwhile and could produce increased market share. The movie projector pizza box is first being tried in select Pizza Hut chains but could spread to the entire chain if deemed a success. The content of the movies that can be played on the projector are not limited to what is available from the scanned box. Gianfrancesco Genoso and his law firm note that any movie or video than can be played from a smart phone can play through the projector and be enjoyed by the consumer.

New Gripper from the Geckos

The University of Pennsylvania is developing a new style of gripper. One based on that of creatures like the gecko. The gripper will be a “tunable adhesive” that will grip and release as well as vary its tensile strength. A two material structure that is easily mass produced. Researcher Kevin Turner said, “When it comes to tunable adhesion, everyone is familiar with the gecko, and everyone tries to copy it. The problem is that it’s really hard to manufacture complex structures as well as nature. We’ve come up with a strategy that can achieve similar adhesion behavior but is much easier to make.” Perfect for miniature manufacturing, such as computer and electronic chips, the adhesive could also be used in large scale projects. These structures are sticky due to Van der Waals adhesion. Van der Waals adhesion is present any time two object are close together says Brian Torchin on his Google+ page. The closer they are the stickier they become.